A Masterpiece Unveiled : Jeff and Lori Hyland


  Lori crafted her 40 Bond masterpiece with a French Art Deco interior, in similar style to her impressive 10,000-square-foot home in California.

Strolling down Bond Street in New York’s increasingly vibrant NoHo neighborhood, pedestrians pause to admire a striking cast-aluminum sculpture decorating the cobblestone sidewalk. Reminiscent of New York subway graffiti, it takes a trained eye to discern that the 22 foot-high seductive curvature is actually the gate of the highly anticipated condos at 40 Bond. Jeff and Lori Hyland, one of the first couples to acquire a unit in the Bond Street masterpiece, have opened this enchanting gate to Haute Living, providing an exclusive account on living inside a work of art.

Despite Jeff Hyland’s presidency at the illustrious real estate brokerage Hilton & Hyland and status as one of the most distinguished real estate figures in the country, it was his wife Lori, a painter with a keen eye for design, who made the decision to purchase at 40 Bond. Lori instantly felt the spectacular energy of the building and made no hesitation in staking her claim. “When I bought the unit I hadn’t even talked to Jeff. He was shocked at first, but then absolutely loved it,” Lori said. “I dreamt of looking across the street in winter with snow falling in front of those cast iron buildings and knew immediately I wanted to live here.”

One of 40 Bond’s greatest achievements is a spiritual synergy with the tranquil, two-block street below. The building’s developer, Ian Schrager, defines the architecture as “a radical redesign of the cast iron building,” yet the structure, both inside and out, flawlessly melts into its surroundings. The glass and steel exterior call back to the historic buildings of downtown Manhattan formerly used by artists for studio space while a light filled, airy interior provides a modern twist: drawing in the authenticity of New York streets while providing a serene oasis of unparalleled warmth and security. “I am obviously an admirer of the architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron,” Lori says of her new Manhattan abode. “But then, I saw the eleven-foot high windows looking out onto the cobblestone street and absolutely fell in love.”

Between soaring ceilings and oversized windows, the open layout brings peaceful, luxurious living to the vibrancy of lower Manhattan. To the credit of forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Ian Schrager, moving downtown and westward has been a key focus for developers. Many people find the pulsating culture of downtown living more exciting than the conventional homes of Upper Manhattan. While living on 5th Avenue in the Upper East Side, Lori had been looking to migrate south for awhile but only if the building was right.

“Being an artist I wanted to live downtown where everything is happening,” Lori says. “Every street has its own personality. There are always people walking around, and fabulous stores and restaurants. The whole area has a great sense of old New York.”

From the smoked oak walls to the high gloss lacquer Italian cabinets, 40 Bond matches and often surpasses the extravagance boasted by many Upper East Side luxury apartments. First-class amenities such as housekeeping, babysitting, and even party planning take the building’s services to an ultra-luxe level, giving people like the Hylands more than enough reason to make the move they have aspired to for years.

Besides bringing opulent living south, Schrager’s fundamental vision for 40 Bond was to bring the individuality of urban living into his work. He wanted each unit to translate into a canvas for the buyer to create his or her own individual world. Lori crafted her 40 Bond masterpiece with a French Art Deco interior, in similar style to her impressive 10,000-square-foot home in California. An enthusiastic collector, she outfitted her new home with pieces from French designers Jean-Jacques Adnet, Paul Dupré-Lafon, and Jean-Michel Frank. “Most tenants will probably go with an extremely modern design, but I love the beautiful technique of the French Art Deco. It is very elegant, definitely a passion of mine.”

As Ian Schrager powerfully declares, 40 Bond is about “the art of living.” With the first look inside Jeff and Lori Hyland’s striking new home, it is palpable that his vision has not been in vain. Combining astonishing design and unparalleled service with a focus on individualism, 40 Bond is more than an address. It is art in motion.