A Goodnight Sleep Will Cost You


Gone is the saying that life’s simple pleasures are priceless—Today we live in an era where everything has a price-Here’s the latest priced pleasure: a 500 million yuan bed (about $66.4 million)

This bed unlike any other ones out there is an antique made of agalwood, a very rare and precious soft, resinous wood of highly aromatic smell. Experts conclude the bed comes from a piece of wood taken from a 1,000 years old tree from Indonesia.

The bed made from 3tones of agalwood is beautifully hand-carved with delicate dragons and waves, some call it a living national treasure.

Most interesting is the bed’s craft believed to have been made from one block of agalwood as the frame contains no traces of fractures.

The $66.4 million bed was put on auction over the past National Day holidays in Putian, a city in east China’s Fujian province, claiming much attention.

Even an exceptional goodnight’s sleep is not cheap!

Via Born Rich