The Nation’s Billionaire Row


If these billionaires’ lodgings were lined up on the same block, this would be the real Billionaire’s Row.

On one side of there would be elite financier Ron Baron’s recent extravagant purchase: the 40-acre East Hampton property for which he shelled out $103 million. Bill Gates’ 66,000 square feet home in Medina Washington. And computer guru Michael Dell’s 33,000 square feet mansion in Austin, Texas.

Across the street would be David Geffen’s Beverly Hills mansion comprised of 100 rooms; next to Paul Allen’s waterfront property on Mercer Island in Washington; and Trump’s 62,000-square-foot Mar-A-Lago property.

Yes, it would be a very long block, but nonetheless it would truly capitalize the notion of Billionaire’s Row.

If wanting to belong on our fantasy Billionaire’s Row, the best way get the lowdown on the most lavish properties is directly inquire or scour through your circle of friends, as billionaire sellers make under-the-radar arrangements and offer their property among friends about 6 to 9 months before putting it on the market….So there you have it, Happy Hunting!

Via Forbes