Haute Restaurants: Davidburke & Donatella

The Forge


As you walk into The Forge, you realize immediately – if you weren’t already informed beforehand – that you are standing in a place of historical significance. English oak paneling and Tiffany glass suggest high prices and haute cuisine, and that’s exactly what you get. Each elegant dining room possesses its own character and features high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and European artwork. The atmosphere is elegant, but not stuffy. Whether you come in Wednesday night which is a South Beach party, or Sunday night, which is a Soul Kitchen Party, or any other night, The Forge promises the same stellar experience it’s been providing its patrons for more than 15 years.

Executive Chef Andrew Swersky, winner of the prestigious James Beard Award, is the latest addition to The Forge’s culinary team. As head of the award-winning restaurant, Executive Chef Swersky has garnered many awards and accolades for his culinary expertise. Sitting down with proprieter and host extraordinaire Shareef Malnik, we enjoyed one of the best meals ever ingested. We started off with two appetizers that are both new to the menu: Giant “U2” Shrimp Cocktail ($20), a choice selection of, just as the name suggests, gargantuan Gulf shrimp, and the Tuna Tartare Four Ways ($24), accompanied by nine signature sauces that take a total of 40 hours to prepare.

As an entrée, we chose the Famous Bone-In Filet Mignon. It is a very rare cut of meat that is not found anywhere else in the world, hand-basted over an oak wood fire and served with a sumptuous sauce. They have a very wide variety collection of wines, over $5 million worth, that range from $35 to over $150,000 per bottle.

432 West 41st St, Miami Beach