Casa Décor in Miami

Casa Décor Brings the High Style of European Interior Design to Miami

By Seth Semilof


When one thinks of the most cutting-edge architectural and interior design style, one thinks of Europe. The refined beauty exhibited by German manufacturers; the precise and elegant lines of Italian furnishings; the artistry of Spain. Casa Decor knows this, and that’s why for the past 14 years the company has been known as the premier showcase for interior design innovation and style. Through its eight existing showhouses in Madrid, London, Milan, Barcelona, Rome, Valencia, Lisbon and Oporto, Casa Decor brings together consumers and design professionals – the world’s top architects, manufacturers, distributors and retailers – under one roof for a meet-and-network opportunity that has traditionally resulted in some of the most invigorating and collaborative innovations in the world of home design.

The Casa Decor Interior Design Show is an annual, five-week expo that today is the ideal platform for transferring trends from the trade to consumers. The concept was realized in 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Casa FOA. Two years later, Casa Cor – the Brazilian edition – opened its first showhouse in Sao Paulo. Since then, more than 16 cities throughout Brazil and Peru have been organizing annual designer showhouse events.

In 1992 Casa Decor made its debut in Madrid, Spain, selecting a church in the heart of the city as its first venue. The slogan was: “What are 43 designers doing locked up in a church?” When the exhibit opened, the answer was clear: “Decoration makes miracles.”

Subsequently, Casa Decor made its way through the continents, opening in Barcelona in 1994; in Lisbon in 2000; Oporto in 2001; Valencia in 2002; and London in 2006. Now, for its American debut, it has chosen Miami, where 30 of the top interior design and architecture firms will put their work on display Nov. 9-Dec. 17 for an upscale and upwardly mobile clientele that appreciates exposure to a range of the latest in design options. In addition to its integrated platform of international design, Casa Decor Miami will feature culinary demonstrations, unique events and a line-up of inspiring seminars.

The organizing intelligence of Casa Decor represents a crucial addition to the Miami design world. In previous exhibitions, over 90 percent of attendees placed or planned to place orders for products that they saw at Casa Decor within six months. More than 30 percent were remodeling a home or were planning to do so within the subsequent three months. As Casa Decor USA’s president, Javier Sanjuanbenito, put it: “If you want to know the latest fashion trends, you go to New York, Paris, or Milan fashion weeks. But if you want to have the latest in decoration, where do you go? It’s undoubtedly Casa Decor.”