Detoxifying Miami Beach


The property itself features 430 one-, two-, and three-bedroom and penthouse condominium residences alongside 150 hotel suites designed by the Rockwell Group, plus an 83,000 square foot Canyon Ranch Spa, Wellness, and Fitness Center. The property also includes common areas for play, sports, meditation, and relaxation, three swimming pools, and Canyon Ranch restaurant, which will be open to the public, although the spa is reserved for residents and hotel guests. The project is garnering astounding national attention and copycats before this locale is even open. (It is expected to open in late 2007.)

At the center of Canyon Ranch Living’s offerings are classes, labs, consultations, evaluations, and screenings covering the entire health and wellness spectrum. The offerings at Canyon Ranch Health & Healing Center range from Healthy Heart and Cholesterol Consultation to Healing Touch Consultation, from Thai Massage to Stress Management Consultations. Canyon Ranch Living covers such a range of offerings to ensure that its residents get the most out of their living experience.

A main component is the spa, which offers 23 treatment rooms designed by David Rockwell. The spa will offer the signature Canyon Ranch body treatments; therapeutic massage and bodywork; mud, salt, aromatherapy, seaweed and ayurvedic treatments; facials; full-body cocoons and scrubs. Sheppard gets so excited when speaking about the offerings. “All of our stuff was designed in Europe, and hasn’t been done in the States yet. Instead of going into a plunge pool, for instance, you go into an ice igloo…. For an amazing experience, we have the aromatherapies; there are so many different options! You’ll sit in an aromatherapy room and have an experience like nowhere else.” A Finnish sauna, hydro spa, herbal sauna, crystal steam room, and heated lounges round out the offerings at the spa, while a fully equipped fitness facility will be just as impressive.

Healthy cuisine is also a main staple at Canyon Ranch, with nutritionists who look after the every day diets of the residents. Each individual gets a personalized website that tracks what they eat, including when they order at the Canyon Ranch restaurant. They will even host organic wine tastings! It is yet another testament to the level of service that is setting Canyon Ranch apart from the copycats that are popping up around the country.
But what Canyon Ranch Living also has going for it-in addition to the brand loyalty-is location. Canyon Ranch Living sits on 1,000 feet of pristine beachfront in the center of a thriving destination, and that has translated into record-breaking sales.

“We get several calls on a daily basis of people wanting to know when we are going to open,” says Krista Murphy, sales director for Canyon Ranch Living. “There is a big interest in the local community as to when everyone can be a part of it.”

While the market in South Florida may have cooled as of late, this is not reflected in the sales at Canyon Ranch Living. With prices ranging from $1 million to $5 million, the $260 million worth of units already sold is unprecedented in Florida. The team is chock-full of stories of people spending time at one of the Canyon Ranch Resorts, then heading down to Miami Beach and purchasing a $4 million unit, or people who are buying sight-unseen, because they know the quality that Canyon Ranch delivers. “It is because people are buying a lifestyle; they are buying 25 years of brand, brand awareness, and brand programming. No one else has that…. Everyone wants to have a good, balanced life in some shape or form, and that is the difference.”

The property consists of three towers, the first two are already 100% sold out; units remain available in the North Tower. The resort is based on an urban tropics feel, with the historical significance of the Carillon Hotel being restored and preserved by renowned architecture firm Arquitectonica.

Sheppard knows he is on to something good when it comes to this project. “People are about balance, about tranquility; they just want to live a cleaner, better life,” he explains. With the help of Canyon Ranch Living, they have the opportunity to do just that.