5 Essential NYC Steakhouses

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Becoming a vegetarian in NYC is a big missed steak. It feels almost criminal to live in a city with so many great steakhouses and not enjoy them. With endless options, we know it can be hard to find the city’s best spots. Even if you ate out every single night for the entire year, you probably still couldn’t try them all. To fix this travesty, we searched the city high and low for the best juicy steaks in town. Here are the five meaty musts you simply can’t live without.

1 Benjamin’s Steakhouse

Benjamin’s Steakhouse is a neighborhood novelty. It is exactly what you picture when you think classic steakhouse. Dark wood, white tablecloths and an abundance of sizzling steaks being shared is the quintessential steakhouse experience embodied at Benjamin’s. It’s popularity amongst the folks who frequent Midtown East is not for nothing. Benjamin’s impeccable service and staff add warmth to the place that creates loyal customers. The kind of customers who keep coming back week after week to eat their incredible cuts of meat. The steak for two selection is the perfect date night option for you and a special someone!

2 Peter Luger

As if it wasn’t already obvious, Peter Luger is one of New York City’s most notorious steakhouses. Their old world charm in a German beer hall setting with aged beef is simply a winning combination. Beyond it’s popularity in 2016, Peter Luger has been a Brooklyn staple since 1887. It since has been named the top steakhouse in New York for 28 years and counting, and has even earned a coveted Michelin Star. It’s safe to say that with history on it’s side, Peter Luger is a clear winner.

3 Keen’s Steakhouse

Once you’ve tried Keen’s, there is no way you’ll be keen on any other steakhouse. There is something about the place that simply keeps you coming back for more. The décor and ambiance are a sophisticated testament to steak lovers everywhere. The type of people who enjoy art, a glass of red wine or whiskey on the rocks, the same people who also love a thick cut of red meat. There will be nothing plain or average about your experience here, just over the top, exceptionally good steak.

4 Smith & Wollensky

While we usually refrain from posting a chain, we’ll make an exception for Smith & Wollensky. Its widespread popularity is credited to their ability to provide the ultimate steakhouse experience. A selection of your favorite cuts, crafted cocktails, seafood and sides makes for the perfect Smith & Wollensky outing. You’d be hard pressed to find a chain as fine as this!

5 Strip House

A classic steakhouse with a retro twist takes form at Strip House. If you’re a fan of red meat, red furnishings, and red wine, this is your spot. The iconic New York restaurant has solidified its status in the city for having consistently quality cuts. Unlike other steakhouses the upbeat and lively atmosphere will make you want to go dancing rather than go home and lie down. It's the ultimate way to treat yourself to something tremendously special.
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