Chanel Unveils $3,400 Canvas Graffiti Backpack

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Backpacks aren’t just for carrying textbooks anymore! Chanel debuted its latest graffiti-inspired backpack on the Spring 2014 runway back in September, and in just two short months, it can be yours for a cool $3,400.

Featuring woven ropes, thick chains and colorful spray paint, the Chanel Bricolage Canvas Backpack is defnitley a departure from the chic silhouette the brand is known for, but it would definitely be a playful addition to any outfit.

“Picture a young art student spray-painting the blank canvas of a classic backpack and then personalizing it with loops of haphazardly woven ropes and heavy chains,” explains the fashion house. “All of the bag’s bits and bobs “[add] up to a spirited assemblage of what only appear to be happy accidents.”


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