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New restaurants open up in Miami every day. We’ve assembled the top five brand spanking new ones from an ultra exclusive new Mediterraneanspot on the Beach to a casual Italian downtown where technology is as good as the marinara.

1 Tosca

Tosca specializes in extra high-quality ingredients and rare delicacies from around the world such as blue lobster, hand-pitted olive oil and white truffles. True Kobe Ribeye from Japan and Pink Dorade flown in daily from Europe characterize Tosca almost as much as the garden filled with fun touches like a screening nook playing black and white movies, and wishing fountain. While the menu pushes new luxury levels in Miami, tables are yours for the night so stay as long as you like and take in the dining room’s fresh air, which is fully open to the garden and intentionally Felliniesque.
210 23rd St., Miami Beach, Fl., 33139, 786.216.7230

2 Toro Toro

Small Latin-inspired plates, specialty cocktails and endless meat are the order of the day at this sleek, modern concept imported from Dubai. Meat is served “radizio-style” and sourced from a boutique producer in Nebraska while cocktails are always ultra-premium and are overflowing. Go ahead and fill up on Pork Belly Burgers, just save room for churros with buttermilk ice cream and apricot compote. They will surely keep you coming back to the Intercontinental long before it’s time to Make-A-Wish.
100 Chopin Plaza, Miami Fl., 33131, 305.372.4710

3 South Street

Named for the famed strip in Philadelphia, South Street is the newest venture by Amaris Jones and Miami Restaurateur Amir Ben Zion. South Street is a neo-soul food experience with dishes such as Smothered Turkey Chops, Shrimp and Grits and spiked teas. An upstairs lounge features live music and DJ sets that get almost as much praise as the food. South Street delivers great food and a vibe as cool as its owners.
4000 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, Fl., 33137, 305.573.5474

4 Cooper Avenue

New Yorkers might compare Cooper Avenue to Eataly but Miami doesn’t have anything like this sprawling industrial-chic spot that houses not only a restaurant, but also a bakery, market and bar. The brainchild of Amir Ben Zion, the foodie behind Bond Street, Gigi and South Street, Cooper Avenue is open almost all hours of the day, is reasonably priced and delicious. photo by Seth Browarnik / World Red Eye
1661 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach, FL, 33139 305.455.4741

5 Vapiano

Vapiano is taking the restaurant industry by the horns with its new concept that uses a chip card to keep tabs on which food stations patrons visit, streamlining checkout. Hand tossed made-to-order pizza, gourmet salads and pasta are the foundations of this eatery, which feels like an urban oasis with fresh herbs growing on each table. Although it certainly feel sthat way, Vapiano is not unique - there are locations up and running around the world making Vapiano poised to be the next big thing.
1221 Brickell Ave., Miami, Fl., 33131, 305.374.031
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