Top 5 Art Galleries in San Francisco

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1 Serge Sorokko Gallery

If you've got a thirst for Hirst, this is the place to go. While it recently downsized, Sorokko has always been one of the places to go for modern, post-war, and contemporary art by internationally recognized artists. We love coming here for their fabulous exhibition opening parties and they often play host to many fashion-related events as well.
55 Geary Street 415.421.7770

2 Weinstein Gallery

This is the old guard, a gallery with an over-the-top-touristy location in the heart of Union Square. Spanning more than 3 floors, where the works of bold faced artists like Chagall, Picasso, Miro are bathed in the natural light which comes flooding in from floor to ceiling windows, this is the epi-center for high value art purchases. Everyone is not only welcoming but well informed. This is the place to learn more about works of art.
383 Geary St (415) 362-8151

3 Caldwell Snyder Gallery

A top notch gallery with spaces on Madison Avenue in New York and an outpost in Napa Valley, Caldwell Snyder is a wonderful place to wander in and start investing in serious art. They represent well established living artists like Frank Stella, Doug Owen and Jane Maxwell. Our favorite place to use the Centurion card.
341 Sutter St (415) 392-2299

4 49 Geary Art Galleries - especially Fraenkel and Robert Koch

In the rather unsubstantial building of 49 Geary lies a vibrant burst of creative spirit. This location houses in more than 8 different galleries in 5 floors. This is the perfect place to go on a rainy day to get lost inside. For photography we have to insist you stop by the Fraenkel gallery on the 4th floor and Koch for exception presentations of contemporary artists of our time.
49 Geary Art Galleries

5 Gallery Paule Anglim

With a quiet sanctuary-like quality, the Paule Anglim Gallery even feels like an incubator. With 30 years of historically important exhibitions, Gallery Paule Anglim has forged its identity with the California Beat artists, the Bay Area Conceptualists and vital experimental movements in the art of California. We love coming to get a look at the whose who in the California art scene.
14 Geary St (415) 433-2710
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