Britain’s Best-Dressed Dog Has More Outfits Than Some People

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Photo: Kim's Crafts

We live in an era where it rules to be a pet. Not only are there now high-end hotels for pets, luxury travel experiences for pets, and crystal studded bathtubs and jewels for pets, they’re even receiving inheritances (Alexander McQueen reportedly left more than $82,000 to his pooches). So, it shouldn’t surprise the world that such a thing exists as a best-dressed dog—frankly, a best-dressed dog with more than 1,500 designer outfits.

What should be a surprise is that a Chihuahua’s closet is worth about $3,800—more money than many women in Britain spend on themselves—and the dog is only two years old! But I suppose $3,800-worth of clothes are a necessity when you change your outfit ten times a day.

Lindsey Noble, the chihuahua’s owner, takes him everywhere with her—sometimes even in a stroller! The one thing she won’t buy for him? Shoes. Apparently, he won’t accept them.

Source: Luxedb

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