Top 5 Cocktail Menus in Moscow

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Whilst many bars and restaurants offer cocktails, the best cocktail bars are a definite cut above average. Many of the best cocktail bars in Moscow are now famous for their exquisite cocktails and even advanced molecular techniques to redefine the city’s cocktail experience. Here is Haute Living selection of the best cocktail menus in Moscow. Take you pick!

1 Noor Bar

Pleasant interior of this small bar is relaxing and conducive to civilized conversation. Many come to Noor Bar to try cocktails by chief bartender Marat Saddarov, one of the most famous and celebrated bartenders in Russia.  Noor Bar’s menu is full of exclusive cocktails, not to be found anywhere else. But it is also famous for serving classic cocktails, made just as they were thought up so many years ago.

For example, canonic Bloody Mary is presented here the same way as it was served in Harry’s Bar in New York in the beginning of 20th century.

Tverskaya street, 23,

2 Galereya Café

The "it" place of Mosocw overnight! Galeria is almost like a pocket full of fun. Not only does it operate 24 hours, it also has an exuberant staff and a seemingly endless choice of cocktails. Classic cocktails, Japanese cocktails, champagne cocktails, cocktail name it.

Moscow alternative to classis English Pimm’s – cocktail Stuart - is an absolute must try here.

Petrovka street, 27

3 Art Academia Bar

It’s an vivid example of what a great outcome you get when you cross the post-industrial chic of a former factory floor with a contemporary art gallery and a bar of unprecedented length (500 feet). Art Academia with it’s similarly unprecedentedly extensive and unique cocktail menu serves as a perfect start of the night.

Bersenevskaya Embankment,6, building 3

4 All-Time Bar

This lovely informal bar boasts timeless interior with brick walls, stucco ceilings, red-white sofas and baroque chandeliers. The atmosphere is contemplative and joyful, with unobtrusive music and dimmed lighting. It makes the bar suitable for business breakfast, romantic dinner, pre-party meal and of course alcoholic libations at the bar. It’s a bar where classic recipes, such as Margarita, Manhattan or Daiquiri rub shoulders with extraordinary new mixes. Cocktail list here is extensive and astonishing.

Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, 7/5, building 2, +7 495 6290811

5 City Space Bar&Lounge

The trendy City Space Bar & Lounge, one of the World’s Top Ten Bars (by the Bartender’s Guide 2008) offers a 360-degree view of Moscow and considered as an epitome of luxury. The best and most fashionable cocktails are another reason to come here. Cocktail mixologists use their experience, imagination and understanding of ingredients to create unique, one-of-a-kind drinks be it traditional Champagne or a contemporary cocktail. Apart from the impressive range of tasty signature cocktails, the City Space Bar menu also boasts luxurious Japanese cuisine.

Kosmodamianskaya embankement, building 6, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, 34th floor, +7 495 2215357

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