Press the Flesh: The Top 5 Hook Up Bars in Dallas

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We’re all guilty of it: heading to a nightspot we know will be full of sexy, eligible men or women we can spend the night checking out. Sometimes we’re even single when we do it, in which case the harmless eye candy becomes full-fledged hook-up potential. Dallas was voted by Forbes as the third best city for singles in the country, and we know why. The vibrant social scene, burgeoning cultural center and inexpensive listed housing combines to make for a single man’s oasis. Looking for a place to hobnob, hang out and possibly hook up? Check out these five haute bars.

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1 Cameo

An underground favorite in the heart of downtown, Cameo is a weekend hotspot and a see-and-be-seen kind of scene. Everything from the discerning doormen to the hot sunken dance floor encourages looking your best and flirting your tail off. It can be a pain to try to make it to the bar once Cameo is at it's highest occupancy. But that's why you were talking up that tall guy, right?

1608 Main St., 214.741.5900,

2 Dragonfly

Hotel ZaZa's hot downstairs bar is a great place to spot celebrities, but Dragonfly can also be your place to meet Mr. or Ms. Right..or Right Now, at least.  In the summer months the pool and fountain right outside are in full swing, and good-looking folks lounge around on sprawling striped lawn chairs in Chanel and D&G.

Inside Hotel ZaZa, 2332 Leonard St, 214.550.9500,

3 Rattlesnake Bar

Being another hotel bar, you always get a good mix of locals and visitors alike at The Rattlesnake Bar inside the Ritz. Twenty-something arm candy teetering on Louboutins find their perfect match in the older, more distinguished single gents of the uptown genre. The noise after 5 is raucous, drowning out any attempt at really hearing the music, but also diminishing any chance the people on your left overhear your seductive script to the hottie on your right.

Inside The Ritz-Carlton, 2121 McKinney Ave., 214.922.4848,

4 PM Lounge

PM Lounge is another downtown locale that features even sexually suggestive furniture. The decor is reminiscent of the grandeur of the 18th century, mixed with the lascivious nature of the modern man. Don't believe me? Head down the rabbit hole to this underground singles sanctuary and check out the embroidered pillows depicting rabbits humping.

1530 Main St Inside The Joule, 214.261.4501,

5 Sfuzzi

One of the newest additions to McKinney Ave, Sfuzzi is always a good idea for a late night nibble. A fave hangout for hipsters, hedge fund preppies and everything in between, the place can be a verifiable smorgasbord of sexy singles on any given night. Grab a seat at the bar, rock out to the DJ or take it outside - it's all good.

2533 McKinney Ave, 214.953.0300,

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