Art on Display: The Top 5 Art Galleries in Boston

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There is a vibrant art scene in Boston.  Whether you prefer the fine and contemporary art galleries that have been in place for generations on Newbury Street  or the vibrant new mixed media options located throughout the SOWA Art District, you are likely to find many many pieces that intrigue even your critical eye. So where to begin in this sea of creative juices?  Here’s a little help from us at Haute Living – start with our top 5 art galleries in Boston in your mid winter art immersion experiment and see where it takes you.

1 Vose Gallery

Six generations of the Vose family have brought fine art to proper Bostonians, beginning in 1841. In fact they claim to be the oldest family run art gallery in America. Because of this, generations of Boston families have trusted shopped the gallery to add to their illustrious fine art collections. The gallery focuses on American artists and houses a large inventory of realist paintings. The homestead feel of the gallery makes for a comfortable opportunity to experience art, miles away from the stark white styles of many modern galleries.

Vose Gallery is located at 238 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.536.6176

2 Keiko Gallery

Contemporary Japanese arts and crafts make this Beacon Hill gallery stand out from the American-centric pack of galleries throughout Boston.  From paintings and sculptures to ceramics and jewelry, the diversity of artistic styles within are sure to pique the interest of any art aficionado. Figures are playful, mere hair barrettes are made elegant and awe inspiring and textiles inspire imagination in this eclectic gallery setting.

Keiko Gallery is located at 121 Charles St., Beacon Hill, Boston 617.725.2888

3 Walker Contemporary

Contemporary art can take on such a vast array of meanings, depending on the artist (or critic) in which it is entrusted. It is this vast variety that makes contemporary art so exciting. The Walker Contemporary gallery does an outstanding job of showing the boundaries of the style with artistic takes on contemporary that dazzle the mind and show just where the genre is capable of going. Paintings with depth (both physical and perceived), glass reborn, and pieces that tell a story in their very existence are all brought to life within the gallery's space.

Walker Contemporary is located at 450 Harrison Avenue, SOWA Art District, Boston 617.695.0211

4 Gallery Naga

Photography is very much the act of capturing art in every day life,as clearly seen in the example here. Gallery Naga showcases the works of New England artists, painters, photographers and furniture makers. It is a wonderful spot to experience art inspired by the people and landscapes of New England. The upcoming exhibit "Everyday Glories" by artist Ed Stitt is a perfect example of this.

Gallery Naga is located at 67 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.267.9060

5 Beth Urdang Gallery

Many shy away from art galleries for fear of the stuffy or museum like quality of them that does not appeal to their modern take on life - loose, relaxed and comfortable.  Beth Urdang Gallery is a the perfect solution to the over-formalized art gallery and offers loose daily inspired art that feels modern, even in its older collection. Who knew a cup from Subway or a Hershey's kiss could be come a thought provoking art piece in the hands of the right artist... and displayed in the proper gallery such as this?

Beth Urdang Gallery is located at 129 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 781.264.1121

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