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Ok, we are now fully into 2011 and any lingering reservations that you may be having regarding your full commitment to getting fit and healthy are over. Get up and do it! I, for one will be on the journey with you, my fellow readers as I take the necessary steps to get fit, sculpted and svelte this year. I have a checklist of all of the things that I will accomplish this year and looking my best is one of them, so for everyone that wants to lose those pesky ten pounds, or twenty depending on your holiday indulgences, I have complied a list of the best workouts that have Atlantans successfully fighting the battle of the bulge. Here are the best workout regimens that will have you ready for skimpy spring and summer fashions in no time. Ready, set, GO!

1 Boot Camp

This no-holds-barred and extremely intense workout regimen is ideal for those that want to fully commit to changing their bodies. There is no coddling or hand-holding, with boot camp you are expected to perform at your best level in order to achieve your best results. In the beginning it may seem pretty extreme with the early morning hours and severe workout routines, but once you get the hang of it you will gladly thank your trainer due to the amazing results. At BTB CrossFit & BootCamp they have a 4 week program that features 18 different group workouts that are challenging to say the least. The combination of CrossFit methods, traditional strength & conditioning techniques, endurance training, sports drills and group camaraderie forms the premiere outdoor fitness program for any committed individual- regardless of fitness level.

Several Atlanta locations


BTB CrossFit & BootCamp

2 Pilates

I have a lovely personal history with Pilates, as it is the first (and only) workout that I absolutely love. It totally transformed my whole body, starting with my core. It gives you increased endurance, leaner muscles, tones flab & fluff, teaches proper breathing and increases strength. After just a few weeks of Pilates I guarantee that you will become a believer and your body will look better, but most of all you will feel better, inside and out. There are many Pilates studios and fitness clubs that offer special classes or you can just get some books or DVDs, I recommend the amazing instruction of Denise Austin, and go at it alone in your living room. While the movements are more deliberate and slower paced as opposed to the constant speed of cardio, the results are still just as impressive. With Pilates, even after you have reached your goal weight you will find yourself constantly applying the Pilates principles to your daily life. The instructors at Body Studio Awareness want beginners and those highly skilled in Pilates to achieve optimum results. There are five levels of classes here including: Pilates 101, Pilates Classics, Renew, Sculpt 55 and The Edge. Their goal is to utilize movement to develop the mind, body and spirit simultaneously and also focus on the whole person, not just body parts.

5549 Roswell Rd. NE



Body Studio Awareness

3 Kickboxing

Got some pent-up aggression that you need to let out? Looking to have arms like an athlete or our fit First Lady Michelle Obama? Then the kickboxing workout regimen is perfect for you. Focusing on endurance, athleticism, strength training and a healthy dose of martial arts influence, kickboxing is a great way to shed the pounds and become stronger in the process. Kickboxing is also an ideal way to get fit while learning essential techniques to defend yourself, which always come in handy. Unit 2 Fitness is Atlanta’s leading martial arts and fitness gym, and with good reason. In addition to kickboxing, they also offer mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, capoeira, boxing and yoga. The staff is comprised of World Champion martial artists who make it their top priority to get you in fighting shape and permanently change your fitness level. Just thinking about this extreme and supreme workout has me working up a sweat.

240 Ponce De Leon Ave. Suite 2



Unit 2 Fitness

4 Yoga

For a fitness routine that changes your body as well as your spirit and mind, there is no better workout than yoga. With yoga, there is no quick fix to lose a couple of pounds, it’s a life change that leaves highly impressive and lasting results. Seeing that most of us spend a large amount of time in front of the computer (whether for business or pleasure) it is extremely helpful that one of the essential principles of a yoga workout is proper posture and yoga stresses that correct posture is one of the most important things to proper health and fitness. Another element is meditation, which is targeting your inner self and in yoga it is stressed that for the body to truly become its best, inner and outer must completely become one which creates harmony. Balance Yoga is Atlanta’s Astanga vinyasa yoga school that offers several different classes for beginners, advanced and even children.  Change your life forever with this amazing workout, namaste!

524 East Paces Ferry Rd.

Atlanta, Ga


Balance Yoga

5 Spinning

With this workout, killer legs and toned thighs are right within your reach just in time for the summer time fashions. Spinning is definitely about endurance, strength and working up a great sweat. Those that ride a bike regularly may find this regimen easier than a total novice, nevertheless the results are still the same: a smoking’ hot bod that is toned and supremely chiseled. Jeanne’s Body Tech has one of the best spinning classes in Atlanta, that expertly targets the prime areas of legs, thighs and gluts, while giving you a supreme workout experience. The Begin to Spin class teaches the fundamentals, safety, proper use of bikes, and an overview of the movements used during class and the regular Spinning class lets you train at your own level using a stationary bike on a visualized ride through hills and valleys.

3165 Peachtree Rd.

Atlanta, Ga


Jeanne’s Body Tech

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