Lose the Spare Tire: The Top 5 Workouts in London

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January is here, you ate too many mince pies, and to put it bluntly it’s time to get physical. The gym doesn’t appeal to everyone but thanks to thousands of other sport centre avoiding fitness fans there are plenty of other options. From ex-Royal Ballet dancers, to military commanders, Latin beats, and a live-in yogic model, there is a way to fitness for us all. Marie Teather picks five of the best London workouts.

1 Rollerski

Just because London doesn’t have the kind of slopes you’ll find in mainland Europe it doesn’t mean you can’t be practising your ski technique on a daily basis. Head over to Hyde Park and you might come across a rollerski classes—cross-country skiing without the snow. Rollerski offers a great low-impact, full body exercise, with all the benefits of cross-country skiing—the ultimate fitness sport. It's suitable for all ages and abilities, for beginners and more experienced skiers alike. You know the old saying; if you can’t get to the mountain…

2 Everybody Ballet

Royal Ballet company dancer Isabel McMeekan teaches intimate ballet classes that promise to increase strength and flexibility, tone, and improve posture. Indeed anyone that has stood behind a ballet dancer would agree that this graceful and at times grueling form of exercise gets results. Everybody Ballet’s structured classes draw upon elements of classical ballet combined with specific stretching and core strengthening work. Relive those schoolgirl, or schoolboy, ballet fantasies and tone at the same time.

3 British Military Fitness

Instructed by serving or former members of the armed forces in over a hundred of London’s parks, British Military Fitness puts 20,000 members through no-nonsense fitness courses every day. Classes are graded by ability—beginner, intermediate or advance—to make sure you are pushed to your appropriate fitness levels by using the terrain of the parks. British Military Fitness promises to be a fun and outdoor way to get fit. Still, with an ex-commander yelling at you to run faster, chances are you won’t give up easily.

4 Zumba

Fitness with a Latin soul has taken the capital by storm since classes started popping up last year. Over at The Factory the boundaries between workout and the kind of moves you reserve for the nightclub are blurred with hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves. The routines feature interval-training sessions with fast and slow rhythms as well as resistance training that are combined to tone and sculpt while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got Zumba on your workout regime.

5 Yogi Cameron

If Yogis had an A-list, then Cameron Alborzian would top the chart. Formerly one of the most successful male models in the world, Cameron has graced the cover of Vogue and was handpicked by Madonna to play her lover in the “Express Yourself” video. Since those days, Cameron has turned his back on getting by with appearances saying, “Outer beauty doesn’t play any role in inner beauty” and instead has become a yoga instructor to exclusive clientele and celebrities the world over.

For up to £20,000 a week, he will he will fly from his home in New York, stay in your house to educate you on the benefits of a yogic life. Treatment periods vary from one to 14 days and can be adjusted to your schedule or condition. Cameron’s treatments often include Ayurvedic massages that send clients into a deep, two-hours sleep to cleanse the mind and body of toxins. Clients have reported feeling less desire to eat huge meals, and some have easily given up coffee or other addictions following his advice. Of course, it could be argued that having an ex-supermodel follow you around your home is always going to provide motivation for a more beautiful life.

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