Lose the Spare Tire: The Top 5 Workouts in Dallas

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Ah, New Year’s resolutions. Those elusive little promises to ourselves that somehow evaporate come Valentine’s Day, when you find yourself halfway through a bottle of pinot, cigarette in hand, a fridge full of Domino’s and double chocolate cake.  Not you, not this year. Start 2011 off right with a great workout routine, the best way to keep your bad habits at bay and your bod in last year’s jeans.

1 ViPR at Equinox

An exclusive workout to Equinox until 2012, the new ViPR classes are slated to be the hottest routine in town when they start this month. Kinesiologist Michol Dacourt created the ViPR apparatus, a brightly colored tube with convenient holes for handles, in order to simulate the great workouts he got as a farmer and hockey player--and it's seriously fun. Designed to be a full body workout, the classes help you work out the whole, not the sum of your parts. ViPr, an acronym for vitality, performance and reconditioning, could easily be the workout of the future.

4023 Oak Lawn Ave, 888.534.7021, www.equinox.com

2 The Pilates Megaformer at Beyond Pilates

Walking into the new Beyond Pilates studio can be compared to entering a torture chamber. At least, the machines on the floor resemble some kind of medieval device created to suss out answers from prisoners. But once introduced to your personal Pilates Megaformer machine by knowledgeable and friendly instructors Brandi and Bethany, you are well on your way to a great, cardio-rich workout that will leave you burning calories even after the 55-minute class! Using resistance and counter-resistant movements during periods of zer0-gravity, the machine promotes maximum exertion with a low risk of injury, helping you tone and shape your bod in the fastest and most effective manner possible.

4314 Lovers Lane, 214.363.4607, www.beyondpilatesdallas.com

3 Pure Barre

Sweeping the nation by storm, Pure Barre is an amalgamation of Pilates, ballet and weight training that burns fat and tones those tough areas, such as the thighs, arms and abs. Using small, isometric movements that have zero impact on your joints (no jumping or bouncing), Pure Barre helps create long, lean muscle without bulk, making you look like you've been a dancer your entire life. Hey, no one has to know. Head to one of the company's newest locations, which just opened on Greenville Avenue.

5919 Greenville Ave, 214.361.2882, www.purebarre.com

4 Gyrotonic Training at Spiral Fitness

Another seemingly scary looking machine, the Gyrotonic contraption at Spiral Fitness is designed to combine the great benefits of yoga and weight training. Certified Gyrotonic instructor Patti Granoff will guide you through a series of controlled, fluid movements, increasing your flexibility as well as sculpting and toning muscle groups. This lengthening and strengthening technique, created by a Hungarian gymnast and ballet dancer, is known to be extremely useful in rehabilitation and even effective in perfecting your golf swing.

2106 Boll St, 214.922.0475, www.spiralfitnessdallas.com

5 Aquatic Boot Camp

If you enjoy the intensity and high octane speed of the boot camp workout, Sgt. H20's Aquatic Boot Camp might be your best bet for a different kind of workout. Justin Bradshaw, a former U.S. Army Deep Sea Diver, uses the techniques he learned to get us civilians into the best shape possible. Expand your lung capacity, increase your endurance and toughen up your entire body with this fun and original water workout. No session is ever the same, and even the most seasoned athlete will find this class challenging, although Bradshaw encourages all fitness levels to come out and have a good time. And check out MTV tomorrow night at 9 p.m. (Jan. 5th) for a firsthand look at Dallas' only Aquatic Boot Camp.

Various Dallas locations, 214.734.7281, www.aquaticbootcamp.com

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