Lick Your Lollipop: The Top 5 Candy Shops in San Diego

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Why is the phrase, “Like a kid in a candy shop”? Being an adult in a candy shop is pretty spectacular! The colors, the tastes, the bright bins of sugar-infused bits of deliciousness, candy shops are a joy at every age! Creating a candy shop worthy of note is not a small task, and it takes an inner Wonka of creativity and skill. Who decided which candy to put out front? Who picks the bin shapes? Who designs the counter space? How do you price the value of happiness in your mouth? The people that are behind these decisions, and the best candy shops in San Diego deserve a nod! Here is our list of Top 5 candy shops in the beautiful place we call home, San Diego!

1 Beach Sweets

Working hard to bring the feeling of a simpler, sweeter time to Oceanside, Beach Sweets is the quintessential candy shop that is not to be missed on any candy trip. In these parts, they are pretty famous for their handmade saltwater taffy, as you can only find in a seaside city. With everything from chocolates to truffles to old-fashioned peppermint to the incredible taffy, Beach Sweets is the top of many candy lists in San Diego!

5022 Newport Avenue

San Diego - (619) 222-3322

2 It'Sugar

It'Sugar is about joy and happiness by way of an amazing candy shop that is designed to bring the biggest smile to your face and the sweetest gum drop to your tongue. With a pure mission of fun and joy, It'Sugar is exactly what you want a candy shop to be! Housing things like The World's Largest Gummy Bear to nostalgic candy boxes with Pop Rocks in the 80's and Razzles in the 70's, this shop takes pride in knowing it's consumer and knowing the pleasures of sweetness! Definitely a spot you need to check out if you're looking for a sugar high.

3030 Plaza Bonita Road, #2268
National City, CA 91950

3 Sweet Tooth Candy Shop

What would a list be if we didn't include a Gaslamp stop? The Sweet Tooth Candy Shop is located in the perfect location for passerby and candy fanatics out and about in The Gaslamp Quarter, and it's goodies are all the things your dentist wishes you avoided. Coming from a former location in La Jolla under the same ownership, this adorable little shop is a unique addition to the usual restaurant and bar lineup in The Gaslamp. This is a new addition to the area, and it's being welcomed with a open arms and excited tastebuds. With sweet treats at every corner and a warm, inviting feeling to the entire shop, The Sweet Tooth is a definite stop on our list!

528 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92118

(619) 237-2572

4 The Elegant Truffle

Homemade caramel, chocolate dripping from everything, and the most delectable truffles? This shop is definitely a placeholder in the top five! The Elegant Truffle is a land where all things are whipped into scrumptious goodness and then dipped into chocolate and served to you. While this venue does sprinkle in the odd baked good too, we're keeping it here because the candy pieces offered are truly that good. Stop in if you're looking to blow your diet in one amazing afternoon.

1111 Scott Street

San Diego, CA 92106

5 Cousin's Candy Shop

If you like your candy shops to be good, old-fahioned joints where you're picking up some incredible handmade goodies in a storefront that makes you think of your childhood, then this is the shop for you. Cousin's a place many San Diegans know and love, and the idea of coming in to pull your candy from the barrels and enjoy some of the world's best taffy on your way to the beach is unbeatable. Located in Old Town San Diego's Historic Park, this shop isn't just about the delicious candy, it's about the experience. With aprons behind the counters, and a feeling that this is what a candy shop should be like, we are happy to place Cousin's on our list!

2711 San Diego Avenu

San Diego - (619) 297-2000

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