Pastrami on Rye: The Top 5 Delis in Boston

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There’s nothing like a cold, raw day to make you crave a big heaping sandwich to warm you up and fill your belly.  And as the festive season of deli platters and the sharing of tasty treats is upon us, what better time to make sure we scour the region for the best of the best in deli delights? Check out Haute Living’s top 5 delis in and around Boston to help aid in you in fulfilling all of your delicatessen needs.

1 Zaftigs

To keep your lolling tongue from salivating all over yourself the second you step inside the wonderful aromas at Zaftigs may be near impossible.  If ever you wished to have a Jewish grandmother dotting on you and filling your belly with hearty fair, this is your chance to indulge. Stacks of lean and flavorful pastrami will be hard to refuse, but you may also want to be sure to leave room for the knishes, the blintzes and the challah bread pudding.

Zaftigs is located at 335 Harvard St., Brookline 617.975.0075

2 S&S Restaurant

A neighborhood staples since 1919, there never appears to be a time of day when the S&S isn’t hopping with people seeking out their deli, comfort food fix. Sundays are particularly busy as their brunch menu is particularly well equipped for curing hangover woes. Selections run the gamut from hot entrees, to over stuffed sandwiches, to Sunday brunch egg and waffle staples – not to mention deli favorites like lox, blintzes and chopped liver.

S&S Restaurant is located at 1334 Cambridge St., Inman Square, Cambridge 617.354.0777

3 Sam La Grassa's

Featured recently on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Boston’s well kept (well cooked)  secret of over 40 years is now known nation-wide.  Luckily, the selection and options are vast enough that there’s plenty to share. This Downtown Crossing staple offers a handful of daily selections for the working stiffs in the area, helping to keep their menu options always fresh and their meals are always always delightfully filling.

Sam LaGrassas, 44 Province St., Downtown Crossing, Boston 617.357.6861

4 Max's Deli Cafe

Feeding the hunger of Boston’s Financial District is no easy feat, but Max’s deli does it flawlessly every weekday from 6 to 6. How can you go wrong with a Big Boy Reuben? Though you may require a nap soon thereafter. For those that need the grub, but can’t make it into the store., catering from Max’s is always spot on.

Max’s Deli Café 151 Milk St., Financial District, Boston 617.330.9790

5 Michael's Deli

Reknowned for its corned beef sandwich (pictured above) Michael’s Deli in Brookline offers the best of a New York, a Philly and a Boston deli all in one. Where else can you get a killer knish, a variety of steak subs and slew of specialty well stacked sandwiches names after local media hosts?  Or feel free to build your own original creation to satisfy every one of your deli-driven cravings.

Michael’s Deli 256 Harvard St., Brookline 617.738.3354

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