Java Jolt: The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Moscow

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There are hundreds of coffee shops in Moscow to choose from to accommodate the fast growing number of Russians who can’t function without big cappuccino or latte to start their days. Here is the list of top coffee shops in Moscow that offer the finest brews.

1 Coffee Mania at Bolshaya Nikitskaya

It is one of the most desirable places to hang out in Moscow. Coffee Mania is located next to the conservatory building that brings interesting people in. They pop in to get simply the best coffee in the city. It serves all sorts of type of coffee, as well as light meals and appetizing breakfasts.

The first sign of spring coming is opening of Coffee Mania's amazing patio.

2 Jean-Jacques Café

Jean-Jacques is a vine bar in the French style. Its visitors are really different — from businessmen and serious editors-in-chief to students. Together, they make a  youthful and joyful mix. It offers inspiring cuisine, artisan cakes and pastries and the finest teas and coffees. The menu boasts delicious sandwiches from several types of bread and snacks to eat in or takeaway.

3 Café in Oblomov Resaturant

The cafe of this restaurant recreates a living room from the 19th century. There are 20 different varieties of coffee. It specializes in high quality teas and coffees only and provides a range of delicious pastries.

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4 Red Espresso Bar

Red Espresso is a red and black Starbuck's counterpart for adults. Take your pick from such reliable beverages as espresso, latte and hot mochaccino or its alcohol options. Red Espresso Bar's core business is coffee. Its coffee is freshly roasted every day in each of Red’s coffee shops in the most advanced automated equipment in the world. The cafes also serve french pastries, deli-style sandwiches, pastas and salads freshly squeezed juice and healthy snacks.

5 Coffee Bean, Chain of Cafes

This chain of coffee bars makes great coffee from African, South American and Asian beans. Noted as being the best maker of a cappuccino in the capital, it is also turning into a surprisingly good deli with plenty of treats available including muffins, pies and meringues.

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