Small Plates: The Top 5 Tapas Restaurants in Boston

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Tapas are a particular favorite of mine.  How can you not love the adventure of sampling a variety of flavors, sharing in the experience with family and friends. I think every meal experience should be this rich, warm and inviting. So any chance I get to take in some tapas… and sangria too, of course, I am more than happy to do so. But, just like selecting which delicious morsels you will sample from a tapas menu, it is equally difficult narrowing down the vast array of tapas option in Boston to just he top 5.  Luckily, I have found away to do so.  Here are the top 5 tapas restaurants that made the cut:

1 Dali

Quaint, cozy, eclectic, romantic, unique… these are all words to describe the Dali experience.  From a quiet little corner in Somerville, tapas lovers (and lovers, in general) have been lining up to enjoy their extensive list of tapas frias (cold) and tapas caliente (hot) for years. And while the food is an integral part of the overall experience, the ambience of the ornately decorated rooms, its small tables and intimate corners make for a feeling of having left Cambridge and stepped into a relaxing Spanish villa.

Dali is located at 415 Washington St., Somerville 617.661.3254

2 BarLola

This subterranean spot is just a few steps down from the busy street above, but feels like a step into a flamenco dancer’s world. With a beautifully candlelit interior for chilly nights or a breezy veranda for sipping sangria in the summer heat, the selection of tapas at Bar Lola are always as delightful as they are tempting.

Bar Lola is located at 160 Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay, Boston 617.266.1122

3 Toro

Remember that trip to Barcelona?  Looking for a piece of it here in Boston , or more specifically, small plates of it?  Toro is your answer.  This Barcelona styled tapas restaurant from Ken Oringer is a dining experience every Boston foodie should partake in. With an inspired menu that will urge you to try flavors you never imagined before, ever Toro adventure is a trip worth taking.

Toro is located at 1704 Washington St., South End, Boston 617.536.4300

4 Taberna de Haro

Priding itself on truly authentic Spanish food (photo above), Taberna de Haro in Brookline offers over 50 dishes that represent flavors from Madrid as well as the whole of Spain. Wirth a simple clean neighborhood restaurant appearance, the food takes center stage here alongside a wonderful offering of complimentary wines. 230 Spanish wines to be exact

Taberna de Haro is located at 999 Beacon St., Brookline 617.277.8272

5 Estragon Tapas Bar

Bright, light and open, Estragon is not your typical tapas setting and that is just the start of what sets it apart.  Beautifully decorated tapas will cycle through your meal making it almost difficult to disrupt their beauty with your voracious appetite… almost.  One bite of their creations though, and you’ll easily be able to forgive yourself.

Estragon Tapas Bar is located at 700 Harrison Ave., South End, Boston 617.266.0443

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