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Sensuous and vibrant, simple and yet open to wild delicious complications, these are elements inherent in cuisine from the Mediterranean.  Zesty flavors and spices, recipes that don’t necessarily have to be measured, cooking from this area of the world might readily reflect a state of being or of desire. For a Mediterranean culinary night in Dubai take a trip to these top places.

1 Majlis Al Bahar

This beach side lounge located on the Burj Al Arab's private beach boasts of spectacular food and one of the most romantic venues in all of Dubai. Enjoy a range of contemporary Mediterranean and Middle Eastern contemporary dishes full of  fresh and vibrant flavors.

Burj Al Arab

04 301 7600

2 Ossigeno

Undoubtedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai, Ossigeno offers a wonderful mix of sophisticated atmosphere matched with refined Italian cuisine. The service is excellent as is the decor which is comprised of a subdued and quiet ambiance with dim lighting and tasteful modern artworks displayed along the walls. Receive a delicious complimentary bread basket with Italian cheese, olive oil, and olives to start with. The extensive menu offers seafood, pasta, meat and vegetable dishes all freshly made and served with a distinct presentation. This is a place to return to time and again. The waiters will remember you and often even what you ordered.

Le Royal Meridien

Dubai Marina

04 399 5555

3 Flooka

Renowned for its seafood, Flooka at the Dubai Marine Resort and Spa serves fish with a distinctive Lebanese twist. The contemporary pine wood interior gives the impression of the inside of a luxury yacht. Delight in starters featuring Lebanese mezze: hummus drizzled in olive oil, tabbouleh, and crispy flat Arabic bread. Try the moules mariniere with creamy sauce made with mushrooms, garlic and soft onion as well as the Makanek Samak or smoked hammour.  The Helwayo or pomfret cooked in the tandoor oven and saturated with zesty mediterranean spices is another option. With excellent service and cuisine, Flooka will certainly be a place to revisit.

Dubai Marine Resort & Spa

04 346 1111

4 La Petite Maison

One of Dubai's most recent newcomers, La Petite Maison has already become a very popular Mediterranean eatery. The food is decidedly from the South of France featuring many dishes that might go over as Italian yet retain a distinctly French feel. Excellent food and impeccable service, La Petite Maison is a Mediterranean lover's ultimate destination for refined atmosphere and cuisine.

DIFC, Gate Village

04 439 050


Known as one of the most sophisticated Italian restaurants in all of Dubai, BICE should be top of your list if you're in the mood for Italian. The brand was inspired by "Beatrice" (known as "Bice" to her friends) Ruggini's 1926 family kitchen and is now found throughout the globe in New York, Milan, Toyko and Dubai. The grand interior features glossy wooden floors, black and white prints, and high colonial ceilings. The food is the perfect requisite to your ideal Italian meal amidst sumptuous refinement and charming service.


Jumeirah Beach Residence

04 399 111

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