Chinese Brunch: Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants in Atlanta

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The great thing about dim sum is that it’s the hidden jewel of Chinese cuisine that is full of delicious surprises. Never getting as much props as other widely known and consumed dishes, dim sum is a myriad of possibilities because there are so many delectable treasures waiting inside. Here in the South we have a thing for dumplings, and Chinese dumplings are no different. To satisfy your fix, these are the best to get dim sum and more!

1 Hong Kong Harbour

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, I’m certain you’ll highly approve of the dim sum selections at Hong Kong Harbour. The Atlanta foodie community heralds it as some of the best dim sum in the city. The atmosphere is calming and deliberate in its’ attempts to make patrons feel welcomed and well taken care of. The dim sum menu has a variety of selections to choose from, so I recommend sampling a little of everything. Dim sum highlights include: steam Chinese ravioli, fried sesame ball, shark fin dumpling, fried Taro bun, Malaysia cake and the bean curd roll with oyster sauce. Come hungry, leave satisfied!

2184 Cheshire Bridge Rd. NE

Atlanta, GA


Hong Kong Harbour

2 East Pearl Seafood

East Pearl is a true testament to the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” because from the outside you would probably expect an adequate Chinese restaurant that gets the job done, but isn’t a superstar on the restaurant scene. You would be wrong to make such an assumption as East Pearl serves up some of the tastiest and most innovative dim sum that rivals some of the best. Instead of flashy décor, you get excellent food which is all that really matters anyway. Their dim sum is always on point regardless if you dine for lunch or dinner. All of the dim sum options are amazing and it’s hard to choose, but I will attempt to narrow down some favorites. The baked BBQ pork buns, pork shu mai, steamed shrimp dumplings, Harkow shrimp dumplings and the fried Taro bun are all absolutely drool-worthy. Once you visit, you’ll be back…trust me.

1810 Liddell Ln.

Atlanta, GA


East Pearl Seafood

3 Canton House

Authentic dim sum, elegant décor and charming atmosphere make Canton House a “must” on your journey for dim sum supremacy in Atlanta. With a dizzying menu full of epic choices and a refreshingly accurate staff, sets the mood for an experimental evening of trying all the dim sum your little tummy can hold. As one of the leading establishments in the city serving up this delicacy, diners can expect to be pleased with the end result. Menu standouts include: shrimp balls, pork shu mai, lotus leaf rice, chicken shu mai, fish balls and the sesame bean paste dumplings.

4825 Buford Hwy.

Atlanta, GA


Canton House

4 Aja Restaurant & Bar

Who knew? One of Atlanta’s most popular night spots also has a very fleshed out and very delicious dim sum menu. Of all the entries of the list, Aja is by far the most beautiful to look at. With décor enveloped in rich reds, blacks and golds, you feel transported to an authentic Asian restaurant in another country. The patrons are always dressed to impress, the service friendly and while most night spots have food that’s hit or miss, Aja is well ahead of its’ Atlanta peers. For less of a crowd and more of a peaceful dining experience, try going during the week. Dim sum standouts include: lobster-mango summeroll with toasted peanuts and rau ram, Malaysian split-pea fritters with pickled green mango, steamed vegetable dumplings with green chili vinegar and the Cantonese duck eggrolls with cabbage and spicy pickles.

3500 Lenox Rd. Suite 100

Atlanta, GA


Aja Restaurant & Bar

5 Happy Valley

Lovers of dim sum, and those curious to see what all the fuss is about, will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Happy Valley. Everything is as it should be good food, good service, and nice atmosphere. They can get pretty busy during peak lunch and dinner hours so plan accordingly. To get a full scope of their awesome dim sum menu, try a little of everything and you won’t be disappointed. Try the Cheung fun, har gau, sesame balls, shrimp wrapped in steamed rice noodle sheets, pork shu mai and bean curd and pork rolls with brown sauce.

5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Suite C

Atlanta, GA


Happy Valley

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