NYC Finds Clarity in Spring Denim Daze

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Denim is as controversial as it gets. The right pair of denim jeans can fit you like a glove and last a lifetime. The wrong pair can just be wrong.  Each season the denim trend recycles, with a wave of major no-no’s and a few that really make the cut. For those that just can’t get enough denim, here are a few that say classic, elegant and simply Haute.

A denim a-line dress speaks Audrey Hepburn with a twist. This pleated denim dress by Lotusgrace transitions beautifully season to season and really a charming go-to piece for a woman’s wardrobe.

Lotusgrace, $414, Saks Fifth Avenue

A denim pencil skirt by Akris is perfect for the office. A mix of classicism and tradition with an edge. Line and form dart across the surface make a statement of sophistication with a downtown vibe that co-workers will be chatting about.

Akris, $995, Saks Fifth Avenue

This classic Mulberry offers a beautiful combo of natural leather and quilted denim with a postman’s lock closure. Loads of space in this over the shoulder handbag.

Mulberry, $995

The Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal has been a celebrity loved style for several seasons. Now offered in denim it offers a cushion denim platform and open-toe woven denim t-strap. Simply a clean statement and marriage of denim and luxury.

YSL, $895, Barney's

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