Upper East Sides’ Soaring Market

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If you recall, earlier this week we discussed the sales of the Plaza apartments, where two of the condos have each been sold for more than $50 million, making them Manhattan’s most expensive apartments.

Well, the Plaza is not the only property in the Upper East Side with price tags over $50 million.

Edgar Bronfman Jr., the Chairman and CEO of Warner Music, had “unofficially” put his townhouse, on 15 East 64th street, on sale for $61 million. And recently sold it for just over $50 million. Aside from the Plaza’s two apartments, Bronfman’s townhouse will go down in history as Manhattan’s second townhouse to crack over $50 million.

Mr. Bronfman bought the 31-foot-wide townhouse for $4.37 million in 1994. And renovated the nine-apartment building into a townhouse adding steel panels, terraced children’s playroom, a master bedroom with in-facing balcony, a library with a glass-floored balcony and two courtyards.

Additionally, the house was outfitted with a 2.5-story piazza, a Nigerian fertility statue, a secret doorway leading to the upstairs bedrooms, and a house manager as well as a private guard to ensure the house’s daily functions. At this rate, the Upper East Side will soon become a $50 million and up market!
Via The New York Observer

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