OLIVIAUMMA Celebrates the Launch of HyeYoung Kim’s Natural and Vegan Products

Founded in 2016 in Korea and the U.S., OLIVIAUMMA has been a luxury fashion platform bringing emerging designers from Miami, South America, and Italy to Korea. It has a solid customer base in Korea and the U.S. and is now expanding into beauty and personal care. We hope to enjoy that same response in this new expansion.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of World Red Eye

OLIVIAUMMA, the latest sensation in Korean skincare, made its grand debut at Strawberry Moon in Miami Beach. With a thematic sentiment surrounding the idea of “Connecting the Dots," the event gathered influential Miami tastemakers, select socialites, and media to witness the unveiling of this revolutionary brand that includes a seeded grape cleanser, a blueberry serum, and two liptox - one in mint and one in guava.

OLIVIAUMMA prides itself on being the ultimate connector, bridging the gap between various aspects of life with a focus leaning firmly on natural skincare that everyone can wear proudly. The brand's Founder and CEO, HyeYoung Kim, emphasized the significance of the launch and the line, sharing personal excerpts about her life and interests that acted as a proverbial mirror into her intentions when creating this Tanghulu-inspired brand–a fitting concept giving the glass skin effect that the products provide.

HyeYoung Kim

Photo Credit: Courtesy of World Red Eye

The innovative four products that are part of this Glass Skin Tanghulu collection were inspired by the popular contemporary trend in Korea - a visually appealing process of dipping fruits into hot melted sugar to create a glass-like surface. Through using cutting-edge technology, “the products will most certainly deliver radiant and flawless skin.”

But OLIVIAUMMA doesn't stop at just aesthetics. With a focus on utilizing the best ingredients and the latest advancements in skincare technology, the brand ensures that its products offer both quality and efficacy.

"Our plan is to build and create a new experience in beauty, and it is a new way of sharing K-culture with all generations," shared Kim, highlighting the brand's commitment to providing a unique and immersive skincare journey.

Marissa Mosseri, Amanda Brooke, and Andrea Gutierrez

Photo Credit: Courtesy of World Red Eye

As OLIVIAUMMA takes the U.S. skincare market by storm, it's clear that this Korean skincare brand is not just about beauty - it's about connecting people, cultures, and experiences. With its captivating products and unwavering focus on connection, OLIVIAUMMA is set to redefine the skincare industry and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and faces of its customers.

For more information, visit OLIVIAUMMA's social media: Instagram and TikTok.