Skin Rejuvenation Treatments To Restore Your Glow For The Fall Season

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As the summer months fade behind us, the anticipation for fall nears. You can finally walk outside without breaking a sweat — holding a particular significance for those considering skin rejuvenation treatment. Without the concern for the heat, the fall season stands as the optimal period for revitalizing the skin through chemical peels, Laser Genesis, and Microneedling using Radiofrequency (RF Microneedling). Curious about the specific procedures? Let's dive right into them.

The Advantages of the Fall Treatments

Microneedling with Radiofrequency (RF Microneedling), and Laser Genesis improves signs of sun damage, stretch marks, large pores, skin tightening, fine lines, wrinkles, skin quality, texture, and appearance, and scars with little to no downtime.

Chemical peels penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis to promote the turnover of cells and stimulate the production of collagen while restoring moisture balance. Additionally, they address a variety of skincare issues, including pigmentation from summer sun damage, such as brown spots and uneven skin tone, melasma, enlarged pores, and dullness. Since limited exposure to the sun is preferred before and after treatment, the fall is a particularly popular time for all of these procedures.

Boosting Collagen and Elasticity

RF Microneedling uses minimally invasive gold-plated micro-needles to deliver precisely controlled radiofrequency energy directly into the deeper layers of the dermis avoiding damage to the skin surface. This causes thermal damage to the targeted dermal layers, triggering the body’s natural healing response by producing collagen and elastin production. This treatment is a go-to in our practice for total skin rejuvenation and tightening!


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Fall Treatment Combinations

For the fall, we love to offer Laser Genesis combined with RF Microneedling packages. Laser Genesis is a proven complementary treatment to RF Microneedling. Laser Genesis is a non-invasive and comfortable procedure that uses a laser to gently heat the skin. It can help smooth the skin and reduce the look of fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. Typically, its primary use is to fade scarring, redness, and broken blood vessels, and improve the look of rosacea. Together, these treatments work well for those looking to improve skin elasticity, boost collagen, correct dark spots, or general skin improvements.

Recommended Fall Skincare Ingredients and Products

It is very important to keep your skin hydrated during fall moving into winter months. Using thicker moisturizers, hydrating toners, Vitamin C, and gentle retinol while still applying SPF daily!

Optimal Treatment Frequency

For RF Microneedling, depending on the level of scarring, laxity, or general aging effects, most patients will require at least three sessions spaced four weeks apart for the best results. For Laser Genesis, four to six treatments spaced four weeks apart are recommended.

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