ghd Duet Style: Bringing Salon-Worthy Hair To Your Home Haircare

Photo Credit: Courtesy of kei907/Shutterstock

There's a multitude of hair tools available today. Have you sifted through the numerous online options? It's a bit overwhelming, to say the least. That's why we're excited to introduce our best-kept hair secret – the ghd’s Duet Style. This innovative tool is a 2-in-1 hot air styler that simultaneously dries and styles hair without causing any damage. Yes, you read that correctly: two features, one tool. This tool is our staple in our travel bags and soon to be yours, no doubt about it.

Elevating Haircare: The Innovative Features

Before we get into how to use it, let's explore the innovative features that contribute to the salon-worthy hair it provides us in the comfort of our own homes. While using the tool, you will experience an impressive 45% decrease in energy consumption, courtesy of its thoughtfully designed aerodynamics. Additionally, enjoy a 25% extension in frizz control's longevity and revel in up to 42% enhanced protection against humidity-induced frizz. Epic, right?

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ghd North America

Mastering the Tool: A Guide to Usage

Starting with the basics, take a shower and use your preferred hair products. Once you're done, give your hair a good brush, pat it dry with a towel, and then plug in your ghd Duet Style. While you wait for it to reach its maximum capacity, divide your hair into manageable sections – not too large, not too small. The more sections, the better; this ensures that every inch of your hair gets the attention it deserves.

When the tool is at full power, it's time to get started. The ghd Duet Style combines Air-fusion™ Technology for drying and infinity sensors for styling. It's a straightforward process. Take each hair section and begin at the root to the ends. Hold the tool on your hair’s root for a few seconds, letting the expertly designed root-drying vents do their magic. These vents are strategically positioned to concentrate the airflow, directing it outward at a lower temperature. This way, your roots are efficiently dried without subjecting them to excessive heat.

Once your entire head of hair is dry and looking fabulous, it's time for the finishing touch. Activate the Shine Shot™ mode on your device and wait for the beep. Now you can use the tool just like a regular flat iron. This transforms the Duet Style into a styler, operating at the optimal temperature of 365°F, and there's no air involved.

And just like that, your hair will transform into a radiant, smooth, and stunning masterpiece. For the finishing touch, apply a drop of ghd Sleek Talker - wet to sleek styling oil, adding an extra layer of sleekness and shine to your impeccable look. With the ghd Duet Style and the added touch of ghd Sleek Talker, achieving flawless, salon-worthy hair has never been more achievable right in the comfort of your own home.