The Profound Bond Between Medical Experts And Patients’ Mental Well-Being

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In the realm of medicine, several specialties hold the transformative potential to impact an individual's mental well-being positively. As Mental Health Awareness Month took center stage in May, it provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on the profound shifts observed in patient's mental health following the services of our experts. Whether it be a plastic surgeon, dentist, or aesthetic injector, these professionals have witnessed these transformations firsthand, offering insights into the intricate relationship between physical appearance and mental health.

Dr. Jeffrey Lisiecki | Nose | New York, NY

Transformations in mental well-being are the most powerful effect of aesthetic surgery, and it amazes me still to see the magnitude of change that patients can experience after an aesthetic procedure. You can see it in patients' expressions, in their after photos, and in the stories, they relay to you before and after surgery. I have had patients go from wearing T-shirts to bikinis at the beach and heard countless stories of how their confidence and joy have improved on a daily basis, whether it is from a facelift, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, or mommy makeover. If this has changed anything about how I practice, it is that it has inspired me to learn more about my patients and their goals and lifestyles, which allows me to customize procedures to meet their needs and expectations. It also motivates me to work harder and strive for better and better results, to be able to give my patients these incredible transformations.

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Dr. Daisy Ayim | Body | Houston

Promoting mental wellness is a truly remarkable aspect of cosmetic surgery. Numerous clients have shared their immediate feelings of satisfaction, heightened self-esteem, and rejuvenated spirits following cosmetic procedures. The sense of joy and excitement that lingers after the surgery is a unique reminder that they entrusted me with their transformational journey. This fuels my commitment to deliver optimal care to each and every client, driven by their expressions of gratitude and enthusiasm.

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Dr. Alton Ingram | Body | Nashville, TN

That’s such a great question because enhancing our patients’ mental well-being is what cosmetic surgery is all about.  Rather than imposing our own preferences, our focus lies in understanding each individual patient's desires and working towards achieving their specific aesthetic goals.

Every cosmetic surgeon has encountered hundreds of patients who have shed tears of joy when their bandages are removed. It is an emotional response to realizing they have taken control of their lives that they long desired to change.

Just this Monday, I had a patient who started crying after her mommy makeover last week. She told me that she has never let her husband see her with her shirt off since their first child, 23 years ago. Seeing patients get this sort of psychological boost is what I love most about my field. People want to be proud of how they look and to feel comfortable in their bodies, and cosmetic surgery has the power to change thousands of patients’ lives each year.

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Dr. Ella Faktorovich | Vision | San Francisco

When patients can see clearly with their own eyes, without relying on glasses and contacts, their confidence increases. They feel like they can try new activities, open up to new experiences, and even become more social. I once had a patient who never wore makeup prior to LASIK. Then, after LASIK, she came in one day, wearing lovely bright red lipstick. I asked her “What changed?” She told me that her confidence around people improved and she wants to be noticed. She then said that she also wants to experience the world and is moving to Paris!

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Dr. Thomas McNmear | Face | San Francisco

The most dramatic results are often achieved through a combination of Facelift with Face Transfer, and Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty.

Recently, I had the privilege of treating a 67-year-old patient who had undergone a Facelift with Fat Transfer. Just two weeks after her surgery, she was in Las Vegas with her colleagues and was mistaken for being 55 years old. This incredible transformation filled her with newfound confidence and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

These experiences remind me of why I am so passionate about my work. It brings me great joy to help others become the best versions of themselves, enabling them to embrace the aging process with grace. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have built a career around assisting others in both looking and feeling their best.

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Dr. Husam Almunajed | Smile | New York, NY

It's fascinating to see how dentistry is behind in educating the public on the benefits of a smile. When people are exposed to plastic surgery, Botox, fillers, and designer clothes, many people still don’t grasp the power of a smile, and how it can affect the mental status of a person.

We need to ask ourselves: What do our teeth say about us? Few people comprehend how the alignment, structure, and positioning of each tooth, along with their bite, support the lower third of the face, jawline, and overall facial aesthetics. They fail to realize the transformative potential of simple dentistry procedures in enhancing their appearance and boosting their self-esteem. A captivating smile grants us a multitude of powers: physical strength, sexual energy, emotional intelligence, and social influence, unlike any other facial feature. Individuals with radiant smiles are perceived as more competent, attractive, sincere, and sociable, even without uttering a word or engaging in any action.

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Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz | Eyelid Surgery & Face | Miami, FL

I have always possessed an innate desire to help others. Witnessing patients regain their self-love and confidence following surgery holds a profound significance for me. It is this unique experience that fuels my passion and drives me to continue pursuing my path.

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Dr. Sam Rizk | Face | Manhattan, NY

When we evaluate patients for surgery, any pre-existing psychology is taken very seriously. We are always careful to explore exactly what the patient hopes to accomplish in surgery, and thoughtful about managing all expectations, especially those that exceed the scope of our work. The work I do is very nuanced and subtle; rather than changing faces, my goal is to refine and restore. Over the years, I've been fortunate to build a clientele that aligns with my surgical ethos.

However, I have done many facelift revisions for clients whose mental health has been compromised by an unsatisfactory procedure or series of procedures at the hands of other surgeons. In almost every case, the issue is that the face was over-tightened or overcorrected, and the neck was underdone. Patients also present with scars that are visible and have asymmetric outcomes. After revising this mistake again and again, I developed a technique that combines the extended deep plane facelift and neck lift with a platysmaplasty (this ties the neck cords and defines the jawline without making it look tight). Incision lines are hidden out of sight which means the hair can be worn in any fashion — long and in a ponytail or short, cropped above the ears.

Honestly, I've yet to have a patient who was unsatisfied with this procedure. It takes years off the face, as jawline definition begins at the ear and extends forward towards the chin, uninterrupted by dents or jowls. And, unlike other facelifts, it doesn't change or distort existing features. Patients are pleased to see a younger version of themselves staring back at them a feeling that results in increased confidence and an overall feeling of wellness.

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Dr. Jason Bloom | Face | Philadelphia

As a facial plastic surgeon, I get the distinct honor of having patients put their trust in me to perform surgical procedures. I am extremely lucky that I am able to use my skills to help many of the patients I see that are concerned and self-conscious about some facial issue that is bothering them. I regularly hear from patients and their families about how a surgery I have performed has restored certain confidence in the patient or made them feel better about a feature that they were never comfortable with. Hearing stories about how patients used to never want to have pictures taken of themselves or at certain angles and now they are totally comfortable in front of the camera is what it is all about!  The ability to help patients feel better about themselves is truly the best part of my job!

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Dr. Brian K. Machida | Face | Los Angeles

At our practice, we have observed a fascinating phenomenon among our patients — a profound sense of mental satisfaction that accompanies their physical transformation. It is evident that when individuals look the way they want to feel, their overall well-being and self-perception improve significantly. This heightened level of contentment and self-assurance is a testament to the power of self-expression and the positive impact it can have on one's mental state.

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Dr. Sarmela Sunder | Face | Los Angeles

As a facial plastic surgeon, I have observed a significant positive shift in my patients' mental well-being following a transformative procedure. Many patients come to me feeling that they either look tired, older than their age, or not as vibrant as they once used to look.

After surgery, however, I see a dramatic change in their demeanor.  Making a change to their appearance often gives patients newfound confidence.

They also report feeling more connected to others and more comfortable in their own skin. A small change in physical appearance can have a significant impact on the emotional and mental outlook.

This shift in mental well-being has had a profound impact on my work as a facial plastic surgeon. It is incredibly rewarding to see my patients transform physically and mentally. It is also gratifying to know that I am playing a role in helping them improve their quality of life.

Cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing experience for many people. It is important to remember that it is not a cure-all for mental health problems. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to talk to your doctor about your expectations and to make sure that you are mentally prepared for the procedure.

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Dr. Jeffrey Lee | Breast | Boston

I do what I do because I love seeing happy patients. Happiness can be shown in various forms but most commonly we see happy patients feel more self-confident in themselves and many times we see a complete change in mood and baseline emotional state. It is always so much fun to see a patient undergo a cosmetic transformation and then see that patient walks into our office like a completely different person. Sometimes you can feel the boost in self-confidence in the way someone talks or the way someone walks or the way someone dresses. The domino effect that we witness on a daily basis that happens after someone starts feeling great about themselves is truly astonishing and we get to witness it every day. As a surgeon, this is what drives me to become better and to seek out all treatments and surgical techniques that advance the field of cosmetic surgery. At the end of the day, it’s about seeing smiles on people’s faces.

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