Expert Debunks Six Common Facelift Myths

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Plastic surgery, particularly facelifts, is often surrounded by misconceptions that can unfairly stigmatize both patients and surgeons. While achieving aesthetic improvements is a primary goal, plastic surgeons also prioritize the practical and functional benefits of facelift procedures. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Gabrielle Davis debunks these myths.

1. There Is Only One Type of Facelift

No two patients are alike when it comes to their facial characteristics, anatomy, aging concerns, and aesthetic goals for a facelift. This fascinating fact alone shatters the myth of a one-size-fits-all approach. Believe it or not, there are numerous rejuvenating facelift techniques out there, each designed to tackle a unique set of concerns. So, forget about cookie-cutter procedures! The best facelift methods involve skillfully repositioning the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) and restoring volume to achieve outstanding results. It's all about tailoring the procedure to meet the individual needs of each patient.

2. Non-Invasive Facelifts Give the Same Results as a Surgical Facelift

Injectable treatments have revolutionized the way we combat aging, but let's face it: they can't compete with the transformative power of surgical procedures.

Sure, fillers and Botox can do wonders for smoothing out lines and restoring lost volume temporarily. They're great companions to a surgical facelift. But when it comes to addressing loose skin, muscle, and bone loss, or fat displacement, injectables fall short.

Non-surgical facelift procedures and treatments, like facial fillers and skin-tightening procedures, have their benefits. They can restore volume, tighten skin, and delay the need for surgery. However, they can only go so far. Concerns like jowls or neck banding may require the real deal: a facelift.

While injectables are fantastic for temporary rejuvenation, the ultimate solution for long-lasting, optimal results is still a surgical facelift. It's the gold standard for turning back the clock and achieving a truly transformative outcome.

3. A Facelift Can Make You Look Like a Different Person

At Gabrielle B. Davis, MD Plastic Surgery, we prioritize honesty, integrity, and patient safety above all else. She will always act in your best interests and never recommend a procedure that isn't suitable for you. Transparency is key, as she ensures realistic expectations are set.

Remember, a facelift can bring about a noticeable improvement, but it won't transform you into someone else. Dr. Davis encourages you to undergo this procedure for yourself, not to conform to unrealistic beauty standards imposed by others. Your well-being and satisfaction are what truly matter.

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4. Facelifts Are Only for Women

The myth that facelifts are exclusively for women is just that—a myth! While women make up the majority of plastic surgery patients, more and more men are seeking solutions like facelifts. They've witnessed the positive impact these procedures have had on the women in their lives and understandably desire the same for themselves. While men and women experience facial aging equally, they typically have different concerns. Regardless of gender identity, anyone can benefit from skillfully performed plastic surgery.

5. Facelifts Will Make You Look Strange or Overdone

Plastic surgery shouldn't make you look fake or drastically change your appearance. A well-executed facelift should refresh and rejuvenate, restoring your natural, youthful look. It takes a skilled plastic surgeon to enhance your features in an artistic way and bring out your inherent beauty.

We acknowledge the underlying truth in this myth. When someone looks like they've had "work done," it often indicates a poorly performed plastic surgery procedure. Using the wrong technique or operating on an unsuitable candidate can result in an unnatural appearance.

To ensure the desired outcome, it's crucial to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon for your facelift. Selecting the right procedure is equally important. Unsatisfactory facelift results often stem from the surgery not adequately addressing the individual's concerns. An honest plastic surgeon will inform you if a facelift won't achieve your desired results and recommend suitable alternatives.

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