Celebrating Women’s History Month: Trailblazing Women Who Have Inspired Haute Beauty’s Experts

At Haute Beauty, we pride ourselves on working with some of the world's most talented beauty experts and professionals who have helped us set new standards of excellence in this field. In honor of Women's History Month, we asked our experts to share with us the one person who has had the most profound impact on their career and life, and we were blown away by the incredible stories of strength, perseverance, and courage that they shared.

From iconic beauty icons to trailblazing entrepreneurs, join us as we pay tribute to these inspiring women who have challenged the status quo, broken barriers, and paved the way for a brighter future for all of us.

Dr. Omar A. Ibrahimi | Skin | Stamford/Greenwich

My mother is an excellent source of inspiration. She was an immigrant but recognized the beauty of America and the opportunity it allowed one to move up the socioeconomic ladder through education. She always pushed me to try to be the best at what I do and always supported me when I fell short. Professionally, Dr. Suzanne Kilmer was a wonderful mentor who showed me how effortlessly she balanced managing being a mother and successful laser dermatologist, and business person all at the same time.

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Founder Nicci Levy, Alchemy 43 | Medical Aesthetics | Dallas, Los Angeles, New York

I’ve always been incredibly inspired by Estee Lauder. She was a woman who was so far ahead of her time. She started an iconic company when the idea of a woman owning a business was not prevalent. She started with an all-purpose moisturizer and a vision and when she passed in 2004, she was eulogized as the last great independent titan of her field, one who fundamentally shaped the luxury cosmetics industry.

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Refine Health | Medical Aesthetics | Coral Gables, FL & Miami, FL

My mom is the one woman who inspires me throughout my life. She is the strongest woman I know, including dealing with breast cancer. She taught me to be humble, never give up, and help everyone.

My mom SHOWED me that being a good person, happy and confident is what truly makes you beautiful. From a young age, she reminded me to never be jealous of anyone, not even the celebrities I would follow as a young girl. She explained the importance of inspiring others, having a contagious laugh, and seeing the good in every situation.

On top of it all, my mom prioritized teaching me to be good to my body, mind and soul. She taught me how to always show up for myself. To love the skin I am in, respect my body, and care about my health. She’s the reason Refine Health exists because I wanted to create a space for everyone to come in and have their cosmetic desires and medical needs treated by professionals who really care.

To share some other lessons my mom implemented on me from a young age to which I teach my children now:

Exercise regularly, schedule yearly doctor checkups, eat healthily, get enough sleep, take vacations, don’t let the little things bother you, don’t overthink, educate yourself, remember there’s always room to learn more, stay positive, and always be kind and respectful to others.

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Dr. Susan B. Fox | Medical Aesthetics | Fort Lauderdale, FL

In honor of women’s history month, I have been asked to write an article on someone who has inspired me. I could say my mom, sister, or any number of amazing women that I am surrounded by daily. However, the one woman who stands out the most and I was in awe of every day of her life was Eileen Youtie. Eileen was little but she was mighty! She could move the biggest of mountains and often would help anyone who needed it. Whether it was impoverished, at-risk youth as a member of women of tomorrow, newly diagnosed patients with cancer, or women with hereditary breast cancer, she could always be counted on as an ally!

She was cancer’s toughest warrior! Eileen fought her battle with grace and dignity for over ten years, however, it was her undying energy to help others that truly is memorable. She was BRCA positive and helped teach others about genetic cancers. She was the person people reached out to who cut through the red tape and told people what they needed to do and who needed to be tested. She helped form Yodeah and was on their board. This group provides BRCA testing in communities.

On top of her cancer fight, she would help young women overcome poverty and unfortunate circumstances. She would assist them in their job or school search, help them complete applications and write essays, and often unbeknownst to them actually find or fund their scholarships. She was honored for her tireless work prior to her demise by the Women of Tomorrow.

Yet, maybe in death, she is serving her greatest purpose at the Eileen Youtie Predisposition Syndrome Center at the University of Miami school of medicine Sylvester Cancer Center. This Initiative, cancer/genetic research, and awareness was her life work and now her legacy. She educated thousands of women about BRCA and was the person who you wanted to speak to if you were BRCA positive. She helped you navigate every step of the process and could explain it in layman’s terms. The foundation is for all hereditary cancers and though it has been open for less than a month, already has a waitlist. This short essay could never possibly explain her greatness but her legacy will live on and serve the greater good. Please support this foundation and help her memory help others!

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Dr. Anna Chacon | Skin | Miami, FL

Celia Chacon is the name of my mother, and she is diligent and kind. I am grateful to my mom for taking care of me; she is an inspiration to me. If there is one connection that will survive forever, it is the one we have with our moms. She is my first and always will be loved. Nobody can compare to her concern and affection for me. Despite the fact that she is going through a lot of hardships and problems, her beautiful smile brightens my day. I've learned from my mother that it's possible to triumph over adversity and win hopeless fights. My mom serves as a role model for me, showing me how to live life and make moral decisions even in the most perilous circumstances. She pushes me to overcome obstacles and keep growing. I get the impression that this woman views life as a challenge and is fully committed to embracing each day.

My mother serves as the light of our family, and I draw love and light from her in order to fulfill my personal goals. In every aspect of my life, she took care of me and gave me encouragement. She has always been there for me, like my shadow. when I start to lose hope, she always inspires me. She gave me life, and she will make sacrifices so that I can survive in this world, for which I am extremely thankful. She never loses hope despite the difficulties we encounter. Because she taught me what is right and wrong, my mother was my first teacher. She has been my mentor on every path I've taken, helping me get to where I am now. She helps me get back up after every fall. She always stands by to correct my mistakes no matter what. As long as my mother is by my side, I will let her know how grateful I am to have her as my mother. To achieve my life goals, I have used my mother as an instrument. I'll do whatever to repay my mother's love, no matter how difficult life is. She did a lot for me as a youngster, and I have great respect for my mother. I love you mom, Forever.

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Bellagena Med Spa | Day Spa | Bradenton, FL

Being asked to choose one person in my life that inspires(inspired) me is difficult. I have been inspired by different people for different reasons, so I have put together four really important women that have greatly influenced my life path.

I think I have an extra special connection to RBG because we both were raised in Brooklyn. Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) had been an inspiration to many women throughout her life and it continues today. She was the 2nd female Supreme Court Justice and the 1st Jewish woman. RBG spent most of her career fighting for gender equality and women’s rights, this was influenced by her work in Sweden and seeing their thinking of gender equality. This was proven time and time again through her career and her activism. RBG allowed me to believe that women can accomplish anything.

Have you heard of Vigdis Finnbogadottir of Iceland? She was the 1st democratically elected female President. Elected in 1980 and then reelected three more times, retiring in 1996. Not to mention, she did all of this as a divorced single mother who adopted a daughter. As a young girl, being able to see someone that looks like you become President is a very powerful feeling, like anything is possible.

In my early 20’s I saw the singer Pink in a music video and was a little shocked but in a good way. At a time when many women in music and entertainment are conforming to a stereotype, Pink didn’t care. She has always been questioning feminine societal roles and breaking barriers in music, society, beauty, and gender. Her uniqueness and activism continue to be an inspiration for many women including myself. This is why I wanted to create an environment of inclusion and belonging. Our goal is always to teach women to honor themselves.

As a female entrepreneur, Helena Morrisey is an inspiration. Helena is a gender diversity activist fighting for equality in the workplace. This mother of nine is only one of a handful of women to be a CEO of an investment bank, showing women CAN have it all. She started a group called the 30% club. She believes that in any under-represented group, it's hard to be heard until you get to 30% and the group becomes normalized. This has inspired me to teach, mentor and sit on the board of esthetics programs focusing on business strategies.

As a woman and mother of five, it seems like the odds were stacked against me to start my business. But nine years ago, I started this journey and have made it into what it is today. All these amazing women have influenced my path. I have created a safe space for women to be exactly who they are, educating clients in their skincare wellness, providing quality services to our community, volunteering with local women’s organizations, and mentoring other young women in our field.

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Skin Deep Naples | Medical Spa | Naples

It’s easy for everyone to say they have been inspired by their mom, but let me tell you why I’ve been inspired by mine.

After facing nothing but adversity in the first half of her life, my mother reinvented herself for her second half. Not many women would go to college for the first time as a mother with school-aged children, but ours did. After being a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, she waited until we were at an age where we could be more self-sufficient so she could create a career for herself. She went to college, graduated with honors, and yet never missed a cheerleading competition or baseball game, and became a teacher.

Stepping into the work field later in life, when everyone else was already established was daunting. Teachers, parents, and students were not accepting but today she stands as one of the most requested teachers who has been nominated for Teacher of the Year almost every year she has taught for.

She is proof that anyone can start over, at any time, and that wars can be won when you’ve been losing the battles. In my late twenties, I decided to reinvent myself, I had seen it done before and through harder challenges. I knew I had her blood in me and could face whatever I was thrown. Now, with a 7 figure business to my name, I know I got there by standing on the shoulders of a giant I am lucky enough to call my mother. I know that on my toughest days and the days, I consider giving up that I am stronger than the mental, physical, and emotional challenges that come for business owners in our more vulnerable moments.

I am on the eve of becoming a mother myself, and there are days I question if I can continue to balance my workload, patient load, and being the mother I want to be. I take comfort in the inspiration of the memories I have, with a mother who sacrificed so much for us all while trying to build a name for herself. My memories are full of love, laughter, amazing stories, and times shared together. I never remember her telling me no, that she couldn’t be at something important to me. All I remember is her constant steady presence and I pray for my children to remember me in the same light. It inspires me to keep building and scaling because I have learned that inspiring the next generation of women is the most important thing we can give to them.

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