The Forgotten Skin: A Guide On Taking Care Of The Neglected Parts Of Your Skin

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding a recent image of a 92-year-old female who spent the last 40 years taking great care of her facial skin with sunscreen but neglecting her neck. The difference between treated and untreated areas is astounding! There is another image of a very famous celebrity whose facial treatments have kept her looking youthful, while her hands betray the years of accumulated sun damage. Whether it is our faces, necks, hands, legs, arms, or anywhere else on our body, ALL SKIN undergoes age- and UV-related degradation of collagen, deposition of pigment cells, and dehydration. It’s easy to cover these areas up in the winter, but months-long neglect takes extra effort and extra time to repair. So, why not start a daily routine, come rain or shine (or snow), and care for all of your beautiful skin with ease? Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Shamila Rawal shares the three ways to take care of the 'forgotten' skin.

1. Exfoliation

The outer layers of our skin are constantly exposed to the environment, leading to dehydration, hardening and flattening (keratinization), and inflammation of the skin. Exfoliation removes these dead outer layers to reveal supple, cube-shaped skin through which our skincare products can penetrate and actually effect change. As we age, the rate of natural exfoliation decreases, so the use of a gentle chemical exfoliating wash and retinol product, to both assist and accelerate that natural process, can go a long way to rejuvenating your skin. Dr. Rawal’s Dual Acid Exfoliating Scrub is a gentle product containing salicylic and glycolic acids, perfect for all skin types, and her Tone + Firm Body Retinol will tighten and brighten skin all over through collagen induction and enhanced skin turnover.

2. Moisturization

As above, dead skin cells prevent the entry of moisture into the skin, leading to dehydration and loss of structural support. Once the skin is exfoliated, using a ceramide-rich moisturizer to restore essential hydration to the skin and reinforce the water-tight skin barrier will not only keep your skin looking better but also feeling better! Dr. Rawal’s Tone + Firm Body Retinol is just such a multi-tasking product, with hyaluronic acid and green tea polyphenols.

3. UV Protection

Daily use of an SPF 50 or greater, reapplied frequently, is key to protecting the skin from ongoing photoaging. UV rays cause the breakdown of our skin’s collagen, leading to sagging and crepey texture. Dr. Rawal’s tR(x)i skincare line offers several products to help protect your skin without being pasty or messy. With various levels of tint, waterproof options, as well as powder and lip balm formulations, there is no excuse for you not to find the perfect product.

Say goodbye to that turkey neck and saggy knees and hello to Spring! Year-round maintenance means year-round readiness for whatever life brings your way.