An Integrative Nutrition Plan Is Key To Altering Your Gut’s Health

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If you’re even the slightest bit invested in the latest health trends, or on social media in general, it’s likely that you’ve heard all about gut health. Whether we notice it or not, gut health plays a critical role in our daily lives and is one of the most important aspects when it comes to looking good and feeling great. However, contrary to your ‘For You’ page’s belief, restoring gut health doesn’t occur overnight. When you feel something in your gut is wrong, by taking the right steps with Dr. Marilu Hunt at Midtown Body Wellness Spa, you can improve your gut health in no time. 

Why is a healthy gut important?

With poor digestive health, the internal body becomes toxic, preventing the proper nutrients to absorb. This means that although you may be consuming the right foods and nutrients to theoretically stay healthy, your body is unable to reap the benefits which is why many people fail to see changes in their bodies even when making changes to their diet. Not only will improving gut health help you achieve the body you want, but it enhances energy levels, allows better sleep, and improves health.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How does the program work?

Dr. Marilu Hunt’s Integrative Nutrition Plan and Gut Recharge program focuses on healing from within. By directly targeting the root cause of the issues, the program heals your body from the inside out, ridding it of the toxic substances that impair mental and physical health and instead, improves the body’s ability to lose fat, gain muscle, and create a more positive mental state.

Is this program a good fit for me?

When diets fail and relationships with food begin to tarnish, check in on your gut health with the Gut Recharge program. If you’re eating habits are positive, but you often feel fatigued, anxious, or are constantly drained of energy even with a consistent sleep schedule, gut health may also be the underlying cause. If you experience these problems Midtown Body's Integrative Nutrition Plan and Gut Recharge program may be a good fit for you.

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