Meet The Plastic Surgeon Who Offers Luxury Beyond The Results

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Frank Lalezar

Beyond beautiful results, Haute Beauty expert Dr. Frank Lalezar offers a luxurious and comfortable experience to all his patients. To learn more about what sets Dr. Lalezar's practice and himself apart, Haute Beauty got to talking with the expert; here’s what he shared.

My greatest achievement:

Becoming a Plastic Surgeon has to be one of my greatest achievements. As a plastic surgeon, I have been given the opportunity to change people's lives. Having this strong of an impact on people has been a humbling experience, and is one I am very privileged to have daily.

The future of Plastic Surgery is...

Plastic Surgery is a field with a long history but has consistently advanced with increased technological innovation. I expect that the traditional surgeries that we do will be supplemented with more advanced technology to create hybrid treatments that are less invasive and produce improved results.

The biggest misconception about Plastic Surgery:

Patients are often hesitant about Plastic Surgery because they fear the results will be too noticeable. As a Plastic Surgeon, I strive to create natural, beautiful, and elegant results that are subtle, while having a dramatic impact on your life and how you feel about yourself.


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Most requested procedures?

My most requested procedures are body contouring procedures, specifically, Combined Breast Augmentation and Lift (featured above), Abdominoplasty, and Liposuction.

Surgical advancements you're excited about?

I am excited about the minimally invasive skin-tightening technologies that are coming out on the market. These technologies can enhance results and often times they can be used on their own for the patient who does not respond to non-invasive techniques but is also not ready for surgery.

Best-known for...

Patient's often come to our office for Liposculpting. During a Liposculpting procedure, we use advanced liposuction techniques along with a patient's anatomy to target the fat they don't want and move it to other places. This allows us to create a body and figure a patient desires.

Most memorable patient reaction?

Watching a patient see their results for the first time is truly a memorable experience. I had a young woman who was very self-conscious about the appearance of her breasts, yet she was very nervous about getting surgery. We had multiple consultations and phone calls prior to the surgery, but once she underwent the procedure and saw the fantastic results, let's just say the happy tears didn't stop flowing!

What sets your practice apart?

I spend a significant amount of time with each patient to understand their needs and wants. During this time, I explain how we will achieve their desired result so that they feel comfortable and knowledgeable about their journey ahead. Our entire staff also works to make sure all patient's questions are answered and everything is completed before surgery day.

What do you love most about your profession?

My favorite part of plastic surgery is being able to combine my love for art and science. Throughout each procedure, I am able to use various skills and techniques to give my patients the results they are looking for.

What new services are you excited to offer?

After many years of practice and perfecting my body contouring technique, I am excited to offer our innovative procedure, FinesseSculpt, which is a combination of my novel liposculpting technique along with the most advanced technology on the market, to give patients an elegant, fit, and toned result in a minimally invasive manner.

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