It’s More Than The Aesthetic: Meet Ayuna, The Less Is Beauty Skincare Brand

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ayuna

It was one of those skincare products that fell into our laps at the perfect time. Dealing with the highs and lows of combination skin, let’s just say we have more than dabbled in trying a range of products. Recently, we were introduced to Ayuna, the less is beauty skincare brand, and we experienced what we like to call a ‘skincare breakthrough’. From the moment we twisted open the aesthetically pleasing yet sustainable containers, we were met with crisp aromacological fragrances and well-formulated products – heavenly, we know.

In awe of what was before us, we at Haute Beauty did some digging. The story of Ayuna began with two women who met while working at the same cosmetics firm, Isabella Ramos, a Doctor in Chemistry, and Begoña Sanjuan, a trend creator in the beauty and well-being market. During their time in the industry, they came to the conclusion that the world does not need more beauty products…it needs better ones.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ayuna

Through the brainpower, knowledge, and bandwidth of both women, Ayuna’s eco-luxury skincare collection rooted in the science of fasting to provide well-aging benefits was born. Each aspect of the “indie” cosmetic brand focuses on connecting science and beauty by translating the scientific principles of epigenetics, mindfulness, and the millennial practice of fasting into formulas, methods, and ceremonies that restore skin balance and reinforce its self-healing ability.

While in the beginning phases of the brand, five key factors were listed to keep their – less is more – philosophy intact: formulation criteria, green technology, key Mediterranean natural sources, microbiome-friendly preservatives, and beautifulness. Since its launch back in January of 2017, Ayuna has been heavily recognized for its formulation criteria, which include the impressive Ecocert, nature, and cosmo-compliant marks as well as obtaining vegan-friendly and cruelty-free certifications.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ayuna

Currently, Ayuna offers a range of cleansers, exfoliants & masks, creams, oils, protection (SPFs), perfumes, and lotions, that are quite literally to die for. So much in fact, that we might even exceed the recommended usage (Shhh...don't tell on us).

When browsing through the shop, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of fantastic options, as we know we were. If this is the case, we suggest clicking on each product that seems to interest you and scrolling to the 'what is it?' tab. You can also look into the sets like Momentum II and Minimum II, amongst others, which are designed for certain skincare needs.

Regardless of what you are searching for, we promise you'll find all the knowledge you'll need to successfully make your first investment into Ayuna (and your skin), the brand that we will continue to be infatuated with for years to come.

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