Salon Lusso Of Naples: Where Haircare Meets Luxury

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Between the good vibes and positive energy at Salon Lusso of Naples, it is likely that you will feel at home from the moment you walk through the salon doors. Jamie Caruso, Founder & CEO of the salon, always envisioned her space to be filled with energy. “Your energy is your currency and your energy can change everyone around you,” and we at Haute Beauty are here to confirm Caruso’s statement to be true.

When was Salon Lusso born?

Salon Lusso of Naples was born into existence through Caruso's passion and love for the beauty industry. She wanted to have a hub to share her knowledge, education, and vision, which is how "this amazing piece of paradise," was created.

Salon Lusso's mission:

At Salon Lusso of Naples, their mission is to create classic beautiful hair in a luxurious yet comfortable setting. "I want every client to feel that was the best salon experience they’ve ever had and to feel better about themselves than before they walked in," which goes hand-in-hand with the salon's name.

How did Caruso choose the name, Salon Lusso?

Caruso grew up in an Italian household, with her father coming from an Italian background, she and her siblings enjoyed the finer luxuries that life has to offer. The word "Lusso" in Italian means luxury. That is the type of salon experience she wanted her clients to always receive at Salon Lusso.


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Salon Lusso is known for:

Salon Lusso of Naples is well-known for the services they provide. Unlike the usual haircut or blowout, Caruso' takes it a step further by breaking down and simplifying how her clients can achieve the same look at home. By making sure they have the proper tools needed and the correct products suitable for their hair types, clients are able to replicate their stunning hairdo.  

The future of the hair industry?

The hair industry is continuing to expand at an exponential rate. Salons in the luxury segment of the market will be more of a place that not only satisfies their hair and beauty needs but also the emotional experience of the service. Caruso believes we are headed back to bigger salons. "People are meant to interact with one another. Salons are a place for people to feel comfortable, inspired, and rejuvenated while engaging in fabulous conversations."

An underrated service:

Global Keratin's (GK) Juvexin treatment, which is interesting since we live in a tropical climate that brings on major frizz to most people's hair.

Juvexin is an anti-aging protein that has the capability to restore and regenerate hair cells from the inside out. This revolutionary development, second to Keratin,  was discovered by GK Hair's Founder & CEO, Van Tibolli. Currently, GK is the first to harness the beauty benefits of the protein and all GK hair products have it in it.

From the wise words of hairstylists, "great hair speaks louder than words," so if you are looking to get styled today, book an appointment at the luxury, Lusso Salon of Naples.

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