Reach Your Highest Vibration At Helia House For Acupuncture And Integrative Medicine

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

It was almost like it was too good to be true. Between the weeks of holiday parties, get-togethers, and hectic work days, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, Doctor of Chinese & Integrative Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist opened the Helia House, a non-toxic, biophilic, sustainable healing and wellness oasis's doors to us, and let’s just say we were in awe (and still are).

The clean, safe, chemical-free environment is one that will leave you in a tranquil headspace. From the moment you step foot through the doors, passing the garden on the way in, you’ll instantly be drawn to the warm, sun-filled space, greeted by Dr. Trattner’s stunning smile and high vibrations.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

Helia House revolves around the concept of sacred geometry and crystal energy. Throughout the property, Dr. Trattner placed 1,000 crystals on crystal grids, which use stone energy in a synergistic way where the sum is greater than the parts. The stones placed in Helia House are to bring healing and positive intention to all who enter the space, and oh, did we feel it!

Dr. Trattner named her space, Helia House because the name Helia is the daughter of the sun derived from the Greek word Helios sun, which she reflected heavily throughout the building itself. Between the window sealant to the wood used for cabinetry and the furniture inside the building; nothing within or around the building is toxic. “I invested my heart and soul into Helia House and it was crucial that I work with the partners that understood that this is not just a green space, but one that is completely non-toxic,” says Dr. Elizabeth Trattner.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

Dr. Trattner’s dream was to build an oasis unlike no other, so when it came to each detail, she made sure the ethos was more than subpar, but at maximum capacity. She even went as far as implementing a 6-stage technology that kills viruses, bacteria, and mold within seconds in the air and immediately on surfaces, which is quite necessary for this day and age.

At Helia House, Dr. Trattner’s treatment range from women's and men’s health, weight management, allergies, autoimmune diseases, environmental illnesses, green beauty, cosmetic acupuncture as well as the Signature Gemstone Acupuncture Facial℠. Helia House also hosts community education programs, which include lectures and workshops with all proceeds going to underserved community members.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

Focusing on the treatments, Dr. Trattner is well-known for her Signature Gemstone Acupuncture Facial℠. Based on what each person's focus is for that day (stress, soreness, anxiety, etc.), Dr. Trattner will use crystals that align with those properties. In the case of our experience, our facial started with a crystal grid on our body, hematite at our feet to ground us, jade on our side, and jade at our shoulders. On top of our body, Dr. Trattner placed crystals that opened our energy centers and chakras. Apatite, hematoid quartz, citrine stilbite carnelian, ruby in fuchsite, phenite, and citrine to name a few.

Then Dr. Trattner performed the TikTok trending, Gua Sha with Jade/Rose Quartz gua sha tools. Keep in mind that Gua Sha is a technique that has been used for over 5,000 years to treat the skin in Chinese Medicine so there is a high chance that the videos you've seen did not instruct you properly!

Gua Sha is designed to improve lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness, break up the fascia, and sculpt the neck, face, and under the eyes, all done with the delicious and fresh-smelling Ayuna Cellular Oil to aid in brightening the skin.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

After the traditional Gua Sha was performed, Dr. Trattner then moved on to Cupping our faces and chests. This reverse massage, as they call it, clears out the lymph in the chest, sculpts the face, and breaks up the facia. After a Jade Quartz Roller was used to help the Ayuna and Ipsum Skin Oil product to penetrate the skin.

The next part of the treatment was Facial acupuncture. As you might have heard of acupuncture, do you know its purpose? Acupuncture helps stimulate collagen and elastin in the face along with a multitude of amazing benefits including a calming effect (which mind you, was present from the time we walked into Helia House).

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

As the treatment came to an end, Dr. Trattner placed amethyst, light amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, green quartz, and a range of other stones on our faces. Then to top it off, hydrated our hands and feet with Ayuna Body Cream, and placed Swarvoski Ear Seem on the ear point Shenmen, or spirit gate. These points concluded the treatment to induce a state of calm and equilibrium, one that we can deem to be very true!

Dr. Trattner's Gemstone Facial is a combination of treatments, which means you can experience Gua Sha, Acupuncture, Cupping, and a range of other offerings like Lymphatic Drainage, Crystal Healing, and ATP Bio-Resonance Therapy (low-level microcurrent) on their own. For more information about the incredible Helia House and Dr. Trattner, visit, Helia House Instagram, or Dr. Elizabeth Trattner's Instagram.