Jennifer Garner On Living Her Best Life At 50 And All Her Fall Favorites

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Jennifer Garner is forever exuding a sense of happiness and joy and at the age of 50, and she sees no signs of slowing down or aging for that matter. So what exactly keeps the actress looking like she’s not a day over 25? Garner relies on a few beauty products and some more tips, which she recently shared with Harper’s Bazaar. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

When it gets cooler, Jen is sure to add the proper products to her routine. “It’s just more moisture and more moisture. Things get a little thicker and heavier and yummier. It’s about keeping moisture in your skin and making sure your cells are tuning over as much as you can. I’ve been a fan of Neutrogena’s Retinol Pro+ Serum for a long time, and this year they added an eye cream, and that’s my big new takeaway. That and the face cream. On my retinol nights, I do all three. That’s making a huge difference, because after the summer you’ve got to brighten your skin back up,” she shares. 

Garner goes into how exactly she keeps her skin comfortable and hydrated since living in a dry place like Southern California. “Every other night I use this whole retinol regimen, and it really does make a huge difference, and I use it all the way. Part of what’s great about falling in love with a drugstore product is that you can use them lavishly. I use it on my decolletage, my neck, the sides of my neck, my face, and the back of my hands. Then, I do this eye cream. I was nervous about using retinol around my eye, but I’ve worked with Neutrogena for 15 years. I trust their science, and ophthalmologists say it’s okay. So I’m good to go. I have noticed a difference. It erases the harshness of the new lines I have around my eyes. On the other nights, I really love hyaluronic acid. Especially like you said in California, you need to add hydration. Hyaluronic acid is great, because it recruits your own skin’s moisture and brings it right to the surface to give you a plumpness. Plump skin is young skin. During the day I use Hydro Boost with SPF 50. You have to wear sunscreen year-round, and this moisturizer gets it all out of the way while you’re plumping your skin. It’s a no-brainer.”

She puts a lot of faith in retinol when it comes to her must-haves, “Retinol is part of my routine. I’m 50 now, so that’s a part of the deal. Hyaluronic acid is part of my routine no matter what, and so is a gentle cleanser. I’m very serious about cleaning your skin before bed. You cannot go to bed with makeup on. If I’m working and I have a lot of makeup on, at the end of the day, I will use the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to soften everything on my eyes so I don’t have to scrub that area. Then I’ll go back and wash my face.”

And recently turning 50? She feels better than ever. Garner says, “What surprised me is that I don’t feel 50. I feel great. It’s this number that hangs out in front of you forever. I’ll hear other people who are in their 20s say, ‘Oh, well she’s like, 50.’ And I think, Oh, my gosh, I’m 50 and I’m totally cool. You don’t even know yet, but it’s going to be great! I don’t mind that my kids think I’m a dork. Things just don’t bother me in the same way. You kind of have a little more perspective on things.”

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