How A Standard Facelift Can Help You Be The Best You

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Do you wish to improve your jowls, neck, and overall tautness of the skin to achieve a more youthful appearance? Haute Beauty expert Dr. Thomas McNemar is your person. At McNemar Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa, Dr. McNemar offers different facial sculpting options - Facelift, Eyelid Surgery, Brow Lift and more.

Specifically, for the concerns mentioned above, a facelift is an ideal option. To learn more about the details surrounding a standard facelift, Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty expert Dr. McNemar to discuss.

What is the most common age range for a facelift?

Currently, the age range is 45-65 most commonly. 10 years ago, the age range would have looked more like 55-75. My oldest facelift patient was 83, and my youngest was 34 because of skin elasticity loss due to weight loss.

What can I expect from a standard facelift?

You can expect to take 10 years off your appearance, especially when combined with fat transfer. You will notice a significant improvement to the jowls, the neck lifted and taut, and the profile substantially improved.

What other procedures work in combination with a facelift?

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Upper and Lower Lids) and Fat Transfer are the most commonly combined with facelifts. It is very common to optimize the youthful results of a facelift and also very common to add the lids, so the patient has one surgery and one recovery time.


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What are the pre-op guidelines?

  • No alcohol up to two weeks prior.
  • No smoking at least two weeks prior.
  • Turmeric daily is helpful two to four weeks prior and as well after for inflammation and healing.
  • Refrain from all other herbal supplements.
    Take only Tylenol for pain up to two weeks prior, no Motrin, Advil, or anti-inflammatory meds.
  • The patient must get proper clearance to ensure they are in good health and able to endure surgery.

Are there any items patients should buy before operation day?

It is always great to be prepared for recovery! We provide a facial garment for compression and healing products to aid in our patient's recovery.

What does recovery look like?

For a facelift with Fat Transfer and Blepharoplasty, it is a 6-week recovery with the first three weeks of total downtime at home. With the facelift with Fat Transfer only, it is still a 6-week recovery, with the first one to two weeks having total downtime at home. With my specialized techniques and surgery under local sedation, your recovery from surgery is much quicker. Your complete healing and settling can take up to 6 -12 months.

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