It’s A Plastic Surgery Love Affair

Photo Credit: Chris Ruetten Photography

It's not every day you find true love at a plastic surgeon's office; but, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll surely find love for Dr. Ryan Neinstein, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City and the owner of Neinstein Plastic Surgery.

The love for Dr. Neinstein began back when chic New York families started to flock to vibrant South Florida, hoping to achieve an aesthetic that still encompassed the elegant and refined New York look. Because of the top-notch team at Neinstein Plastic Surgery, patients continued to swoon over their mom-bods. Since then, Dr. Neinstein has fallen into many committed long-distance relationships with his patients.

To get the inside scoop on how his booming South Florida Mommy Makeover practice continues to woo patients, Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Neinstein. Here’s the relationship tea:

Who is Dr. Ryan Neinstein?

Dr. Ryan Neinstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City and the owner of Neinstein Plastic Surgery. He’s often referred to as the surgeon’s surgeon, because many surgeons choose him as their trusted doctor. As a masterclass instructor and the author of industry safety guidelines, he stresses the importance of hyper-specialization and patient care above all else. He’s also an entrepreneur and speaks frequently on how to harness personal and team potential in a modern world. His most proud achievement is the loving family he has with his celebrity fitness instructor wife, Lauren Neinstein.

Where It All Began

As a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, Dr. Neinstein has always had it engrained in him to have a true sense of purpose in life. Growing up, he had a love of team sports and science. One brought him camaraderie, and the other brought him certainty. This led him into the medical field. He believes medicine is the greatest profession there is. Why? It allows you to do things on your own and impact other humans, satisfying all the things he looked for in a profession.

While exposed to practices in training, it always seemed that healthcare was happening to patients and not for patients, and that the ultimate hospitality experience was never top-of-mind to surgeons. Believing in himself, Dr. Neinstein decided to break free from the status quo and do something different.

Eventually, Dr. Neinstein settled on plastic surgery because it’s a specialty that allows not just the reversal of things that have happened to people, but for one to improve people’s lives. As his career grew and he opened the doors of Neinstein Plastic Surgery, he eventually reoriented his time, energy, and effort to mastering Mommy Makeover operations.

Dr. Ryan Neinstein’s wife, Lauren Ashley Neinstein, son Aspen, and daughter Blair

Photo Credit: Chris Ruetten Photography

Why Mommy Makeovers?

Dr. Neinstein has such an affinity for Mommy Makeover operations because, being a husband in a young family, he can understand the hearts and minds of other mothers. Whether they are young or old, he’s seen the physiological and psychological changes mothers experience at home. There’s a genuine connection between him and the patients, making a break-up out of the picture.

Mommy Makeovers Explained

On the technical side, a Mommy Makeover operation is a harmonious combination of operating on all parts of the body, reversing things that have been stretched or torn from pregnancy, and enhancing features to make all moms feel beautiful within themselves and not be stuck with the changes brought on by motherhood.

Dr. Neinstein’s personal Mommy Makeover operations are often referred to as ‘Birkin Bodies’ by New Yorkers. This is for two reasons: it’s hard to get on the surgical schedule, and they are on the higher end of the pricing scale compared to other procedures. Essentially, Neinstein Plastic Surgery changes more and gives more, while patients get more. What could be better than that?

The whole practice, from the team to the facility, is optimized for patient care and outcome. A Mommy Makeover, to Dr. Neinstein, is a general anesthetic operation that reverses changes in breasts — typically by lifting and filling. Whether or not they are using implants or fat, the goal is a youthful and perky (but not overly done) breast.

When it comes to the abdomen, Dr. Neinstein and his team reconstruct core muscles, remove extra skin, go through multiple variations of nips and tucks, and re-contour the silhouette with Dr. Neinstein’s signature liposculpting.

Dr. Anna Steve, Dr. Ryan Neinstein, and Dr. Chris Funderburk of Neinstein Plastic Surgery

Photo Credit: Chris Ruetten Photography

What makes Neinstein Plastic Surgery unique?

Neinstein Plastic Surgery has a long, lean, and athletic desired look. They aren’t going to give you overly done breasts or buttocks; they’re going to make you, the patient, look as good as possible without it being noticeable. That aesthetic — the refined, subtle, Uptown look — is why many patients who’ve relocated to South Florida continue to be infatuated with Dr. Neinstein for all of their surgical needs.

To add to the love affair, Neinstein Plastic Surgery has a custom program to help out-of-town patients with their travel. It involves hotel stays, private nursing, chefs, personal assistants, and anything that can help make their travel and recovery easier.

The Neinstein Plastic Surgery Team

You can only be as good as your team. From professional sports to surgery, each team member needs to contribute and be equally committed to the patient’s outcome. From the front desk to the nurses, each person is responsible for showing sympathy and empathy to ensure the patient’s experience is loving, positive, and caring at every moment. Having a team committed to that goal is the only way to ensure successful outcomes.

Love is in the air. At Neinstein Plastic Surgery, there are four core values that bond the staff: each person is highly qualified, has a lifelong commitment to learning, is willing to share their knowledge, and is comfortable with feedback. All of these values break down the traditional barriers of a doctor’s office, and are the reasons New Yorkers will continue to be in a long-distance relationship with Neinstein Plastic Surgery, regardless of their home base.