Falling For Fall… And These Must-Have Seasons Beauty Products

Photo Credit: Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock.com

With every new season comes new products. We at Haute Beauty are kissing our summer must-haves goodbye and making room on our shelves for all of our favorite fall things. The days are getting cooler, and we’re fully embracing everything this season has in store with the help of festive products like pumpkin skincare and the perfect candles to get you in the autumnal spirit. Here’s everything you need for a cozy, healthy fall. 


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Abel

We’re switching up our perfumes too. Meet your new sophisticated, fall scents. Abel is a 100% natural fragrance brand from New Zealand that’s ready to level up your fall wardrobe. Whether you feel like sipping an aged Merlot while the fall night slowly creeps, walking through a dewy forest floor, or inhaling the smell of freshly chopped wood on a crisp fall day, Abel’s Cobalt Amber, Green Cedar, and Grey Labdanum can help get you there. 


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Evolvetogether

Keeping our skin hydrated during this time is so important, and Evolvetogether’s Hydrating Body Creams are an absolute must. Their formula is powered by a creamy blend of vitamins and plants that work together to protect, hydrate, and soothe the driest and most sensitive skin. They have three creams, two with fresh scents and one unscented, so whichever type of mood you’re in, they’ve got you covered.  

FormRX Skincare

Photo Credit: Courtesy of FormRX

Obviously, fall has us craving anything and everything pumpkin flavored. But, did you know that pumpkins actually have major benefits when it comes to our skin? Enter FormRx’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This self-warming product increases cellular regeneration and decreases pore size while hydrating and protecting the skin using pumpkin enzymes. Pumpkin enzymes provide antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals in a rich, creamy application. This product will replenish moisture and leave your skin feeling hydrated, refined, and radiant like never before. 

IGK x Prince

Photo Credit: Courtesy of IGK

The unlikely collab we needed. Hair brand, IGK, has teamed up with tennis brand, Prince, to create an award-winning First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo. Inspired by tennis lover, Isabel Grutman, this dry shampoo cleanses your hair and scalp, and eliminates oils and odors, so you can go longer between washes even after workouts. I think all of our hair could use a little more love this season, so excuse us while we add to the cart. 


Photo Credit: Courtesy of BeautyStat

It’s no secret that our skin tends to differ depending on the season it's in. I know that I’m always looking for that glowy look which tends to fade once the days get colder. BeautyStat’s Universal Microbiome Purifying Radiance Mask has actually revived my skin like never before. When your complexion looks a little dull, applying this mask will “unmask” your skin to its most radiant version. 

Mela & Kera 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mela & Kera

Speaking of giving our hair a little more love, Mela & Kera have discovered the secret to maintaining your dreamy fall color all season long with their Balayage Exceptionnel Collection. Each product in this collection is designed to maintain your highlights. The formulas will revive brittle and over-processed hair to give your hair strength, shine, and a silky soft, salon finish. 

Erno Laszlo’s VTM Collection

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo’s VTM Collection is everything skin perfection. The collection comprises three products, a cream-to-foam cleanser, a vitality treatment mask, and a micro-essence lotion. Each of these products works together to create moisture-packed, deeply hydrated skin that promotes a glowy, fresh complexion. 


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Otherland

In my opinion, the best part of this time of year is cozying up at home with a good book and lighting some candles to set the mood. Otherland gives us all the fall feels with its Pure Autumn Candle Bundle. This bundle comes with three warm, autumnal scents – Berkshires, Granola Woodlands, and Spice It Up. Basically a scent for whatever mood you’re in. You’re welcome. 

Hope Fragrances

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hope Fragrances

Smooth, silky skin, here we come. This Hope Night Butter is everything and more. A rich and opulent cream that absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft, nourished, and with a luxurious feeling all over. Fragranced with the brand’s signature scents like vanilla and amber, this product brings the ultimate warmth and comfort.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Valoie

Sweet as can be, meet Valoie – the honey-based skincare brand that’s set out to rebalance a wide range of skin types regardless of gender. The brand is made up of three products – a honey-infused cleanser, a pore repair treatment, and a hydro-honey serum moisturizer. Each utilizes the power and benefits of honey to clean and replenish skin and leave it in its healthiest state. 

Susanne Kaufmann

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Susanne Kaufmann

Last, but not least, keep your skin illuminated at all times with Susanne Kaufmann’s new Vitamin C Complex. This serum uses a potent concentration of Vitamin C and an innovative trio of mushroom extracts to leave skin feeling smooth and clear.