Thinking Out Of The Box With Facial Rejuvenation

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It is mind-blowing to look back at all the procedures that once were. Whether you know it or not, plastic surgery went like this: There is too much skin on your face. Cut it off. Whereas now with technology and knowledge, the options to reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin have become less extreme and more efficient. As Haute Beauty expert Dr. Robert Vitolo said, “it’s a whole new ball game out there,” and he is not wrong based on Haute Beauty’s conversation with Dr. Vitolo. 

If you are fed up with your sagging skin or puffy under the eyes, Dr. Vitolo hears you. At the end of the day, no one wants to confront the unfortunate factors of aging, especially on your face, the one part of your body that you can not hide. 

In fact, your face is one of the first parts of your body that sees aging. Why? Well, just like how your grandma might have shrunk an inch or two as she has aged, the demineralization of your bones in your face (skull) does the same. To rejuvenate your face, Dr. Vitolo offers a range of options to patients – some new, old, and out of the box. Here they are:

Scar Less Facelift

Photo Credit: Dr. Robert Vitolo

Scarless Facelift 

The Scar Less Facelift is designed to reverse the body’s natural aging process without the scars, bleeding, and swelling that the traditional facelift brings. Essentially, Dr. Vitolo takes the ligaments that the skin is attached to on the undersurface and moves them up. This prevents having any big incision needed to tighten the face, and rumor has it, the average patient with this procedure can look ten years younger, right on the operating table! 

The Composite Technique

Adding to the options for facial rejuvenation is the composite technique. This combines the Scar Less Facelift with long-acting fillers such as Voluma. After tightening the underlying support tissues with the Scar Less Facelift, Dr. Vitolo can restore volume to the cheekbones and/or the chin with long-lasting fillers. This combination procedure is one that Dr. Vitolo often performs due to the additional enhancement it adds to the Scar Less Facelift. In fact, he sometimes will use the Volume alone for those patients who want his “liquid facelift.”

Traditional Facelift

Photo Credit: Dr. Robert Vitolo

Conventional Facelift 

When most think of a facelift, they usually think about the traditional standard facelift instead of the Endoscopic “Scar Less” Facelift. A standard facelift is one in which some of the skin and tissues are removed through incisions in front of and behind the ears. Over the years, this technique has evolved but is still used on older individuals if their circumstances dictate.

If you are interested in riding yourself of the signs of aging, meet with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo for an in-person consultation to discuss what option would be best for you!  

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