The Importance Of Getting Your Thyroid Gland Examined Explained

Harlan L. South, MD, is an internist and the primary physician at Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center in Union Square, San Francisco. He's known among his patients for his unmatched listening skills as well as his in-depth knowledge and ability to educate them about their prospective treatments. Today, Dr. South focuses on age management and aesthetics to help his patients live a life that's not only long but satisfying, too. To help patients become more comfortable with themselves and stave off the effects of aging, he offers laser skin resurfacing, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, body sculpting, Botox®, fillers, and more. 

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Do you know what the least understood gland is in the medical profession? We'll give you a hint. Our thy...Thyroid. The thyroid gland represents one of our body's most important hormone systems. In fact, this gland produces an essential hormone product that possesses the potent abilities needed to control most of our body's ability to function. Some of these important functions include:

  • Cognition
  • Energy levels
  • Skin and hair quality
  • Weight control

Based on the essential role our thyroid gland plays in our daily health, Haute Beauty expert Dr. Harlan L. South note to receive a full thyroid exam hits home. As you'd think that many providers require a complete thyroid exam, they do not. Interestingly enough, most providers overlook the importance of a complete thyroid lab panel that examines both active and inactive thyroid hormone products, as well as antibodies that may attack the thyroid.

Without a complete laboratory evaluation of the thyroid, Dr. South and medical professionals can not asses if it is truly functioning well enough for our health. Some of the main concerns of an overactive or underactive thyroid include:

  • Loss of hair
  • Extreme skin dryness or rash
  • Weight control (especially being overweight)

When a medical provider, such as Dr. South, examines the thyroid gland function appropriately, they can optimize our inner health. By doing so, you are promoting a longer life span and simultaneously guiding your outer beauty (skin, hair, weight), making for a standardized lifestyle filled with good health.

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