The Oncology Esthetics Available To Repair Skin Damage From Cancer Treatments

Xanadu Med Spa is the premier destination in Northern Colorado for top-line skin rejuvenation and anti-aging techniques. They are committed to exceeding your expectations and enhancing your natural beauty through their local day spa and med spa services. It is their passion to provide you well-being, relaxation, & medical innovation. They look after their clients and provide advanced cosmetic procedures and expertise you can find at a doctor's office. 

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In your fight to beat cancer, the side effects of the treatment you are undergoing whether it is radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and medications can be brutal. While we know that sometimes the treatments are unavoidable, we at Haute Beauty are here to highlight our Haute Beauty experts at Xanadu Med Spa who have been able to lend a helping hand through their oncology services.

At Xanadu Med Spa oncology esthetics like facials, scalp treatments, and hand and foot care, provide comfort and relief through skin therapy treatments. Each treatment is performed by certified oncology estheticians that have undergone extensive education to understand how cancer treatments affect the body at both dermal and lymphatic levels. The estheticians are also familiar with medications, side effects, and the importance of proper sanitation that is needed to customize treatments for your individual concerns and needs.

Oncology Skin Healing Treatment (For Facial or Body Treatment)

The Oncology Skin Healing treatment is a safe and soothing treatment that helps manage and improve the changes your skin undergoes during and after cancer therapy. The healing treatment has added benefits of touch to provide a feeling of peace and relaxation. All products used throughout the treatment are safe, non-toxic, unscented, gentle, and healing products that will help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.

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Oncology Massage

For anyone who has ever received cancer treatment or for those in treatment or recovery, oncology massages are the modification of existing massage therapy techniques that safely work around the complications of cancer and cancer treatments.

In all treatment options, especially an oncology massage, Xanadu Med Spa ensures that their oncology massage therapist’s skill sets are top-notch and their knowledge of the disease itself is present. The side effects of cancer treatments, all can have a different effect on your body so it is important that the massage is modified to adapt for these side effects, as well as for the disease.

Hand, Foot, and Scalp Treatment

Since estheticians can't always work on the body when you are going through aggressive cancer treatments, the hand, foot, and scalp treatments are perfect. These highly customizable treatments are designed to help comfort and soothe the side effects of therapy. More specifically, the scalp treatments involve gentle massaging of a nourishing serum into the scalp that helps with tension, produces endorphins, and helps with sensitivities induced by hair loss.

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