The Secret’s Out: We Know Which Celebrities Cosmetic Look You’ve Been Crushing On

Photo Credit: ShutterstockCosmetic surgery has grown tremendously over the years. As a matter of fact, this growth spurt has been a direct result of a few factors but most notable, social media. The rise of social media and the ability for people of all ages to access anyone's personal lives, especially celebrities, through a photo has resulted in diminished self-esteem and inadequacy about one's life and appearance.

From a birds-eye view of just scrolling through Instagram, the trends of butt lifts, lip fillers, rhinoplasty, and a plethora of other surgeries have taken over. Noticing these cosmetic trends, Haute Beauty decided to sit down with the Haute Beauty experts to take a closer look inside the operating room, hear their thoughts on these instances and learn if they ever have patient's who present a celebrity photo as their ideal look.

Careaga Plastic Surgery | Body | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

It is not uncommon for a patient's ideal outcome to resemble that of a celebrity. Unfortunately, the proliferation of photo filters and beauty apps has resulted in many unrealistic and, in some cases, bizarre aesthetic ideals. I have come to see that it is common for patients to want a Facelift that makes them look like Kris Jenner or to present a photo of Kourtney Kardashian to represent their preferred implant size or even a photo of themselves altered by a filter to suggest a change in the shape of their nose or facial structure. As plastic surgeons, we are faced with the difficult task of resetting expectations and assisting patients in understanding what is possible and what works best for them to enhance their natural beauty.

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Dr. Jason Bloom | Face | Philadelphia

As a rhinoplasty surgeon, a nose job is the most common surgery I do in my practice! Consistently, I have patients coming in and asking for celebrity noses. Whether it's Arianna Grande, Kate Middleton, or Megan Fox - these "nose crushes" are just a few of the many I have recently heard.

From a surgeon's perspective, it is essential to look at and evaluate the pictures that the patients are bringing in of these celebrities because the reality is, is that "ideal" nose going to work on their face? I explain that not all noses are an excellent fit for their face, and some facial aspects like skin thickness, tissue support, nostril width, and the nasal bones may make it impossible to fit a certain celebrity nose on a patient's face.

What I like to do is get a sense of what the patient likes about the nose they think is ideal. Is it the slope, the nostril width, the tip definition, the rotation, etc.? I then take those concepts and ideals that they like and begin a Canfield Vectra 3D computer imaging session to place what they liked, directly onto the 3D computer model of their noses. Although it is only a computer image, it will give them a more realistic idea of what may be possible with their new nose. I also like to "under-promise & over-deliver" when it comes to computer imaging. As much as it is an ideal picture of what we are trying to work towards and achieve, my hands and my scalpel are performing the surgery. So, I am okay with a patient bringing in pictures of the celebrities' noses they like, and seeing that visual actually helps me get a better sense of the desired effect they are aiming for.

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Dr. Daisy Ayim | Body | Houston

In our practice, our client's wish list often includes body contouring with the desired look of the slimmest waistline possible. Most of the time, clients usually reference a waistline similar to Kim Kardashian's enhanced silhouette. This desire for this look is understandable given that Kardashian's waist, amongst other Instagram influencers with similar aesthetics, is highly visible on social media platforms.

While we strive to contour the waistline to the smallest dimensions, we focus on giving a balanced and pleasing aesthetic look that harmonizes each client's frame. As a result, the outcome is satisfactory to our clients who served as a huge referral source to our practice. At the end of the day, the ideal end result is superior to the celebrity because it is customized to each client.

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Dr. Brian K. Machida | Face | Los Angeles

I am very humble, and so are my practice and my clientele. I have not had a patient name drop a celebrity when coming in for a facelift. Instead, they show me their concerns and express their desires. Then I show them what to expect and what I can do for them. At this time, I also explain what the procedure does not do. Sometimes, my time in the consult is spent telling them how the procedure honestly will not help instead of trying to sell them on the procedure. In my practice, it's very uncommon to have a patient's ideal mimic a celebrity. I would be concerned that the patient may not be realistic because I can only improve what they naturally have and not change their look into a different person.

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Dr. Bertha Baum | Skin | Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

Angelina Jollie's Jawline is a big one. My patients often name-drop celebrities, but I try to explain how we are all different and have different features that make us unique. If we all tried to imitate one's beauty, we would all look the same. Ideally, enhancing your own beauty is my goal, and most patients understand and are happy to see their results with that goal in mind.

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Dr. Samuel Lin | Nose | Boston

I have often been asked about Bella Hadid and buccal fat removal. This procedure removes a portion of the cheek fat through an incision in the inner surface of the cheek (inside the mouth). The procedure aims to achieve a more slim facial profile while accentuating the cheekbones. There may be 'ideals' that patients talk about or have photos of, however, it is the unique characteristic of each patient that makes us all different. Therefore, it is not possible 'give' a celebrity's exact appearance to the patient.

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Dr. Robert Vitolo | Breast | New York

There are so many beautiful celebrities but I usually do not get people who say they want to look like them. If anything, I get people who say they don’t want to look like some. They don’t want to look overdone. They don’t want to look like they have had plastic surgery. And the best plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery that doesn’t look like you have had it all!   

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Dr. Gabrielle Davis | Breast | Los Angeles

The type of celebrities my patient's name drops the most often are celebrities with timeless appearances: Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, and Sandra Bullock, whose beauty transcends generations. However, one thing that all these celebrities have in common is a very natural, ageless look that is most appealing to patients. In my practice, it is not common for patients to desire their end results to emulate that of a celebrity but to desire a more youthful version of themselves. To refresh or refine their own appearance by reversing the effects of aging and life events on their bodies through procedures, I believe this aspiration is achievable, especially if the individual maintains an active and healthy lifestyle.

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