Inside Scoop: How Prince Harry Tackles Self-Care To Avoid Burnout

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Prince Harry recently traded his role in the royal family for the chief impact officer position with a company focused on mental health, BetterUp. The company works with behavioral scientists to help coach users to better their lives and build towards mental fitness. Since taking on this responsibility, Harry has started sharing his wisdom with others to help emphasize the importance of self-care.

On their website Harry shares, “During my decade in the military, I learned that we don’t just need to build physical resilience, but also mental resilience. And in the years since, my understanding of what resilience means – and how we can build it – has been shaped by the thousands of people and experts I’ve been fortunate to meet and learn from.”

Naturally, with his busy schedule consisting of father and husband duties, Harry admits to struggling with finding balance in his life. However, he seems to be doing everything possible to counteract the stress from daily responsibilities.

Harry’s main advice

  1. Find what self-care routine you enjoy most (Take a nap, meditate, workout, etc.).
  2. Start showing up for yourself, even in small ways.
  3. Get started on your inner work and the rest will follow.
  4. Continue to discover more about your mental health, you don’t have to have immediate answers/solutions.

Harry worked with Serena Williams to host an "Inner Work" day with BetterUp to discuss common struggles with mental health, overall life balance, and burnouts. Something that both of the mental-health advocates stress is finding what works best for you. Finding what that means isn’t always a short and simple journey. Williams tells Entertainment Tonight Canada “Boundaries are so important to have. If you don’t have boundaries you aren’t going to reach what you can do. Don’t send emails at 11 p.m., you will burn out.”

As Prince Harry continues to navigate his new life outside of the royal family, he will surely offer even more sage advice to BetterUp members.