This Is How The New Year Will Bring Cheer To Smiles All Around

Dr. Steven Davidowitz, also known as "Dr. D" by his patients, is one of the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s leading celebrity cosmetic dentists that specialize in designing and maintaining beautiful smiles. Dr. D is among the world’s most prominent cosmetic dentists. Dr. Steven Davidowitz practices general and cosmetic dentistry with a true love for smile makeovers through clear aligners and porcelain veneer treatments. Dr. Davidowitz was recently named a member of the RealSelf Medical Review Advisory Board for cosmetic dentistry content on their website and platform at RealSelf Medical Review Advisory Board. He was also recognized as an Invisalign Elite Provider in 2012 which signified his extraordinary amount of education and experience in using Invisalign. This distinction also placed him in the top 3% of Invisalign providers in the United States. 

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In the world of dentistry, there are tons of positives that the new year can bring. From new innovations for the industry to shiny white smiles for clients, Dr. Steven Davidowitz is planning on doing it all. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Steven Davidowitz sat down with the team to discuss how to achieve a new smile quickly and what the new year will bring for smiles all around.

Haute Beauty: Having a great smile can give your self-confidence a real boost. Are there any quick and easy solutions to enhancing your smile in time for the new year?

Dr. Steven Davidowitz: See your Hygienist for a good cleaning for an immediate smile enhancement for the new year.  Having a good dental cleaning every six months helps to promote good oral health and a beautiful smile. When your cleanings are irregular, you can develop gingivitis and periodontal disease. This can cause unsightly swollen, receding, and bleeding gums and dingy-looking teeth. In addition, keeping a good oral hygiene routine at home with brushing, flossing and rinsing at least two times a day will keep that smile healthy and beautiful all year long. Also squeezing in an in-office professional teeth whitening can reverse the yellowing and stains caused by our favorites including coffee, teas and wine.

HB: Can alcoholic beverages enhance discoloration on your teeth?

SD: Heavily colored alcoholic drinks like red wine, sangria, etc. can definitely end up staining your teeth and result in long-lasting discoloration and overall dullness. One way to bypass this is to drink alcoholic drinks with a straw and be sure to follow each drink with plain water to hydrate the mouth, reduce the acidity from the drinks and wash away the stains before they become ingrained in our enamel.

HB: If you had to give your patients one new year's resolution based on dental health, what would it be?

SD: Floss like a boss! Flossing is easily neglected and forgotten yet it is a crucial part of keeping our smiles healthy and radiant. The best time to floss is prior to going to bed as it removes the food residue and plaque prior to falling asleep. While sleeping our mouths dry up and that is the opportune time for bacteria to flourish and feast on what we may have left behind.

HB: What are you looking forward to for the dental industry in 2022?

SD: I look forward to continued advancements in non-invasive dentistry. My favorite new procedure introduced into my practice is Solea Sleep. Solea Sleep is a non-invasive, quick, painless and non-surgical treatment that provides rapid relief for people who snore. The primary source of snoring is the vibrations that can occur when air flows past relaxed tissues in the soft palate. These tissues can become even more relaxed with age or weight gain. Solea Sleep uses ultra-low laser energy to tighten and stiffen collagen in the soft palate, reducing vibrations that cause you to snore.  This allows my patients to enjoy a better night’s sleep for themselves and their partner.