5 Last-Minute Simple Yet Glamorous Halloween Costume Ideas

Oh Halloween, how you creep up on us every year. While it’s one of the most exciting holidays, there’s definitely a divide among those who are absolute Halloween enthusiasts—people who snag their costume two months in advance—and those who wait till the last minute to plan their costume. If you’re reading this, then the latter portion of that sentence most likely defines you. Look no further if you still need an idea that’s simple yet glamorous, original yet recognizable and easy yet thoughtful. Here are five last-minute Halloween costumes inspired by celebrities that can be created with a few makeup products, hairstyling tools and the contents of your closet. 

Fran Drescher’s Fran Fine in “The Nanny”


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Funny, charming and incredibly stylish, Fran Fine will always be the lovable nanny from Flushing, Queens that everyone wished for as a kid. Played by the charismatic Fran Drescher, Miss Fine made us laugh while donning a vibrant array of ’90s designer pieces such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Moschino. So rummage your closet for your vintage designer, or else, recreate Fran’s pizzazz by mixing up colorful dresses, short black skirts, black tights, stilettos and/or leather boots. Recreate her flashy-but-not-trashy makeup look with a red lip, cat eye lashes, and a smokey eyeshadow that’s subtle. Don’t forget to use heated rollers and lots of hairspray to accomplish Fran’s dramatic curls. 

Tyra Banks’ Eve in “Life-Size”


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While it’s certainly an easy costume to put together, you’ll need more than a frilly outfit and pink makeup to show up to that Halloween party as Eve from the 2000 film “Life-Size.” In fact, you’re going to need a sassy attitude and a sense of cluelessness to be the doll that comes to life in the form of Tyra Banks. This costume idea works perfectly if you own short skirts, strappy tops and high heels. Remember to curl your hair for that Barbie volume and enhance your pout with a shimmery lip gloss.

Ana de Armas’ Paloma in “No Time To Die”


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Everyone knows the ‘Bond Girls’ exude fearlessness, elegance and utter sexiness. Thanks to the James Bond film series, there’s a number of badass female characters to base your Halloween costume around. But this year we’re looking at Paloma, the most recent Bond Girl played by Ana de Armas alongside Daniel Craig in “No Time To Die.” While she’s definitely a fighter, Paloma’s gentle beauty and sophisticated style give a unique twist to the ‘Bond Girl’ archetype—it’s truly mesmerizing. 

First, use a blowdryer to mimic her soft, voluminous hairstyle. Define your brows with a pencil, apply a bold smokey eyeshadow, and coat your pout with a deep red lipstick. Next, search your closet for a dark silky gown and strappy silver heels. Lastly, embellish your look with an array of silver jewelry featuring diamonds and pearls. Without a doubt, you’ll look as classy and sultry as Paloma herself. 

Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra in “Cleopatra”


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Embodying the glamour and poise of ancient Egypt was Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. The 1963 film is a product of the Golden Age of Hollywood that will forever remain iconic, as will the image of Taylor adorned in golden robes and ornate headpieces. While Egyptian garments aren’t likely stored in everyone’s closets, you might own a gold sequined dress or a white goddess-like gown that can be enhanced with an assortment of gold jewelry. Style your hair straight or with braids and decorate with lustrous hairpieces. Finally, dust a baby blue eyeshadow across your lids before using a black-liquid eyeliner to create the dramatic cat-eye wing that’s essential to Cleopatra's striking beauty. 

Rila Fukushima’s Yukio in “The Wolverine”

Despite being one of the most badass characters in the Marvel universe, Yukio remains a character that’s often forgotten. It’s pretty unfortunate, especially when Japanese actress Rila Fukushima beautifully portrayed the ferocity and sympathy that encompasses the skilled assassin in “The Wolverine.” Yukio donned several outfits in the 2013 film, but her sleek black kimono getup is our favorite, as it’s both simple yet sexy.

For the outfit, throw on a black kimono (a trench coat will also work), black tights and black knee-high boots. Unless you have a Bōjutsua martial arts staff that Yukio employed during the fight scene at the Tokyo templelaying around, you may want to carry a dismantled broom stick as your prop to signify her weapon. But don’t get too carried away practicing your combat moves, as an accident could happen! To emulate Yukio’s natural rose-like beauty, apply foundation to create a flawless canvas before sweeping a generous amount of blush on your cheeks and eyelids. Finish with a thin layer of liquid eyeliner and a shiny pink lipstick. Obviously we didn’t forget Yukio’s vibrant red hair, but not everyone has the time to visit the wig store. In that case, iron your hair pin-straight and rock the clean, killer vibes she exudes.