Get To Know Body Expert Dr. Edward Chamata

Dr. Edward Chamata brings both artistry and advanced surgical techniques to every plastic surgery procedure he performs. He specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and body. He is best known for his advanced techniques in high-definition liposuction, high-definition tummy tucks, and buttock enhancement surgeries for both female and male patients alike. His signature tummy tucks focus on creating the most natural belly button alongside hidden incisions, coupled with his unique ab sculpting methods to create a fit, yet natural abdomen. Dr. Chamata has spent years training in art and sculpting, culminating in several of his medical illustrations being published in various medical journals. Dr. Chamata’s research studies have also been published in the most prominent plastic surgery journals worldwide. His published research includes topics on facelift surgery, rhinoplasty, buttock augmentation, revisional body contouring surgery, and many others.

Learn more about body expert Dr. Edward Chamata in this introductory Q & A.

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Chamata

My greatest achievement:

My greatest achievement in life is being in a position to provide life-changing surgeries for my patients to make them feel confident in their own skin. The happiness and gratitude of my patients are my greatest achievements hands down!

What is the future of your field?

The future of plastic surgery is a trend toward more natural results, and that’s exactly what I aim to provide. Results should appear completely natural and realistic. Attention must be paid to proportionality, symmetry, and overall harmony to create the most aesthetic results. 

The biggest misconception about my field is...

The biggest misconception about Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is that the buttock needs to be made into a very large size and that’s simply not true. My focus is always to create a more shapely buttock while maintaining its natural appearance. Enhancing the shape of the buttock is always my main goal while still maintaining normal proportions for the rest of the body. aesthetic plastic surgery is that it’s purely for vanity and that’s simply not true. The confidence boost patients are able to achieve is such an important part of not only looking your best but also feeling your best.

My most requested procedures:

My most requested procedures are Brazilian Butt Lifts and high-definition liposuction. This form of liposuction involves a more meticulous and artful method of liposuction that brings out the natural musculature of the body by sculpting the natural curves and creating a more defined, fit look. Brazilian Butt Lifts have risen in popularity over the past couple of years due to the ability we now have to create a natural buttock shape and curves in a safe manner by using your own body’s fat cells, without a need for implants or foreign material.

What surgical advancement are you most excited about?

The biggest surgical advancements happening now is our ability to create results that are much more natural and contoured than ever before, as well as minimizing and hiding the incisions as much as possible. With the advent of high-definition liposuction, I am able to create a much more defined, hourglass shape with my tummy tucks, which really strays away from the traditional tummy tucks that we’ve all seen before that created a boxy, undesirable appearance to the abdomen. 

What are you best known for?

I am best known for my advanced techniques in high-definition liposuction, high-definition tummy tucks, and buttock enhancement surgeries. This high-definition liposuction is performed on both female and male patients. For male patients, our practice calls this surgery the “Hercules” procedure as it can enhance the 6-pack musculature and define the pectoralis muscles to create a more muscular look. My signature tummy tucks focus on creating the most natural belly button alongside hidden incisions, coupled with my unique ab sculpting methods to create a fit, yet natural abdomen. 

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

I still remember the exact words of one of my very first facelift patients as I removed her facial bandages on her second-day post-op. As she looked in the mirror for the first time after surgery, she cried and said “You really are the Michelangelo of plastic surgery”.  She was so grateful for her results that several weeks later, she gave me an “Award of Excellence” and with the title “Dr. Michelangelo” engraved on it. 

What sets my practice apart?

When you come to me, you can expect the highest quality customized care with an emphasis on safety and attention to detail that cannot be replicated. Every patient’s needs and goals are completely different from the next, and thus their surgical treatment must be entirely customized in order to obtain the best outcomes.

What I love most about my profession:

The happiness that I get to see on my patients’ faces post-op is undoubtedly the best part of my profession. It brings me true joy and satisfaction that nothing in life can possibly replicate. 

Career-defining procedure?

My career-defining procedure is actually redefining the current standards of what liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts should be. Traditional liposuction lacks in defining proper contours of the body, often creating a flat appearance that looks somewhat unnatural. Traditional Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries have similarly created unnatural buttock shapes as the focus has previously been on creating unnaturally large buttock shapes. My techniques stray far away from the traditional and focus on completely natural results that follow anatomical norms. 

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