How UFC President Dana White Stays Shredded At 52

Dana WhitePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Being the president of the largest mixed martial arts organization in the world — obviously, we’re talking about UFC — comes with huge expectations. So, you’d think Dana White trains independently and sticks to an ultra lean diet. But he doesn’t, at least not anymore.

In fact, it seems like the contents inside White’s fridge were chosen by an 8-year-old boy who went grocery shopping without his mother: Boston cream Klondike bars, frozen Snickers and Kit-Kats, rows of Capri Sun pouches and Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk boxes, several pints of Ben & Jerry’s — we’re sure you get it already. “I’m not one of these guys who eats healthy or whatever,” White told Men’s Health. “The reason I work out is because I love food and I love to eat.” That said, his second fridge holds more healthier options: assorted fruits, vegetables and yogurt. 

Of course, White balances his hefty diet with cardio and weight training. “As I’ve gotten older, I stopped doing as much heavy weight as I used to,” he said. “I do all light weights [and] make sure that every movement is perfect — and I do it for reps.” 

The biggest change to White’s fitness routine? Turns out, it was hiring a trainer after getting shoulder surgery because he feared potentially injuring the area again. “It’s a game changer for me,” he said. “When you have been working out by yourself your whole life, then you get a trainer — I recommend it for everybody. Higher a trainer; it’s incredible.”

Watch Dana White Show His Gym And Fridge: